Passion MSX offline.

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Por igor.d.monteiro

Supporter (4)

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01-02-2016, 18:29

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Por TheKid

Paragon (1238)

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09-02-2016, 07:21

Temporarely I hope ?

Por Grauw

Ascended (10618)

Imagen del Grauw

09-02-2016, 10:23

Still offline… Sad I hope it gets back online soon.

Por Dustin Pease

Resident (50)

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09-02-2016, 14:48

yeah I really hope it comes back up.

Por syn

Prophet (2097)

Imagen del syn

10-02-2016, 00:43

A lot of stuff was hosted on it... anyone know what happened?

Por mars2000you

Enlighted (6317)

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18-02-2016, 22:42

For all the passionnate MSX fans .... Passion MSX is back ! Smile

Por Grauw

Ascended (10618)

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18-02-2016, 23:02


Por mesiasmsx

Prophet (3427)

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06-11-2016, 17:36

The site is closed?

Por rderooy

Paladin (686)

Imagen del rderooy

03-02-2017, 10:59

It seems the domain registration expired. Is there a mirror of the downloads it hosted, like the game manuals?

Por Golnebo

Resident (34)

Imagen del Golnebo

03-02-2017, 13:17

Through is some of the stuf downloadable:*/

Por rderooy

Paladin (686)

Imagen del rderooy

03-02-2017, 13:26

Yes I found that. The key is *some*. It seems like practically none of the manuals are available that way.

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