Sorcery game hack (removing time limit)

Por davcl

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06-01-2016, 18:41

Could anyone remove the annoying time limit in this game? (stop the book to be erased and freezing the time left).

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Por Louthrax

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06-01-2016, 19:56

Here's the game map I made a while ago (stored on the cloud this time, should not disappear too soon):

EDIT: Argl, darn photobucket/cloud/2.0/modern stuff, it reduces the resolution to something unreadable!

Ok, try to go to this page and click on the "Download media" icon above the picture to get the original full resolution version.

Por davcl

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06-01-2016, 22:29

@Louthrax: Very very useful, thank you!

Anyone with hacking skills for my request?

Por kabish

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06-01-2016, 22:31

Load the game in Bluemsx. Go to trainer, then to add cheat option. Enter direction "aefa" with value of "0". Activate it to play with infinite time. Then you can edit name and save it to use it anytime.

Btw suberb map.

Por davcl

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06-01-2016, 23:25

I'd like to play on real hardware with that hack. How can I do?

Ah, tried to edit "sorcery.ex2" file and I got:


bsave?? Does it support save game??