Various MSX computers for sale

Por daniel683104

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18-12-2015, 19:31

This is a Little brief of the computers available for sale in this momment

These three collectors opportunity (won´t see this computers very often on sale)

National FS 4700F complete 375 euros + shipment

FS A1 complete (box, styro foams and manual) 190 euros + shipment

MSX2+ Sanyo Wavy 35 with box, styro foams and manuals 250 euros+ shipment

also TR ST with 512K, New PC drive adapted (black keyboard from MSX2+) 475 euros + shipment

I also Have Loose FS A1F with 128K RAM, New PC Drive and working 110/220 Volts (but not with the front cartidgle slot cover) for 170 euros + shipment

contact me on this email

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Por edller

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28-12-2015, 02:15

I would like to buy your Turbo R ST.
What country are you at? I am from Brazil.
Any idea on shipping price for my country?
Best regards

Por daniel683104

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01-01-2016, 13:00

Sorry but not checked the page lately due to christmas celebrations

The computer is located in Spain.
The aproximate cost to brazil is 50 euros.
This is trackeable but not insured. I packed very well but once computer left my hands i do not take any responsabilities on the shipment.

Por Brian Johnston

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13-01-2016, 15:11


Do you still have Msx2+ computers for sale?,



Por daniel683104

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14-01-2016, 22:22

TR ST is sold. Rest of the computeres available.