Would anyone be willing to make this for me? I will provide drive & pay labor!

Por Ninja_Kurosai

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27-07-2015, 15:47

So I'm stuck with my stock FDD that won't work anymore, and came across this article for help:


I've purchased a working drive as mentioned in the link, however I'm not at all electric-savvy or trained. I don't even have a soldering gun -___-

So my question is, is there anyone out there I could ship the Samsung drive to, and pay for shipping, return shipping, and some $$ to cover labor and time spent on the project? Please help! oO

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Por madscient

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27-07-2015, 16:26

I can sell you a slim FDD and adaptor for A1F.

See below:

However, as I mentioned in another thread, not only the drive but FDC also has fault.
FDC is on the mother board of A1F, it is to hard to replace or repair.

Por Ninja_Kurosai

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29-07-2015, 17:23

What is the fault?