Urgent alert to MSX2/2+ owners: suicide capacitors on HIC-1 daughterboard

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Por dhau

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19-07-2015, 16:52

Hey, thanks! I have 5 of those. Hopefully they didn't leak yet.

Por jltursan

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19-07-2015, 22:45


Is this a new phenomenon about these particular models, discovered just now?

Not new at all, there're a good amount of failure reports. Really bad stuff...
I've suffered this disease in two F1XD and one F1XV, first sympton is usually a lower sound volume.

Por Meits

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20-07-2015, 00:18

Just found out my capasitators are still original.
Preserver/modder/seller daniel683104 told me so. They're still in fit condition, so I'll have them changed some time this year... No imediate hurry for me on this one... But it's on the priority todo list... Thanks for mentioning this...

Por sd_snatcher

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20-12-2015, 21:41

The Sanyo PHC-70FD and PHC-70FD2 also seem to have one suicide capacitor on their drives. It's the capacitor C75.

Por syn

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21-12-2015, 00:34


Is that also very dangerous/urgent or a bit less?

Por Lord_Zett

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21-12-2015, 00:40

syn wrote:


Is that also very dangerous/urgent or a bit less?

it is like looking to the edge of spacetime. end of the world stuff.

Por sd_snatcher

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31-12-2015, 13:41


Yes, there's also a high risk of ruining the drive on those machines.

But it seems that there were different revisions of the TEAC FD-235 drive used on Sanyo MSX2+ machines. I checked my PHC-70FD and it doesn't have that suicide capacitor.

Por syn

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31-12-2015, 17:26

ok thanks i will check mine sometimes then. Big smile

Por Jipe

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31-12-2015, 17:39

the sucide capacitor is not on the Sanyo but on the TEAC FD-235 drive
it's a 4,7µF but for change you must remove the board and is very delicat
the track 0 is adjusting by move the board in hole
i save only 0ne drive and the other don't want boot
make it only on breaking drive , if the drive work let it

Por rolins

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01-01-2016, 06:57

So glad this thread is around. I just replaced the caps in my Panasonic FS-A1mkII. They weren't leaking but i replaced them anyway just in case they decide to spill their guts the next day. Smile

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