Looking for MSX-Turbo R FS-A1GT

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Por -Neo-

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15-06-2015, 23:08

As I am starting up the MSX hobby again I am looking for a MSX-Turbo R FS-A1GT. Preferably with a 220V transformer and including accessoires but for the right price I am also interested in an incomplete package.

If you have one for sale or do know someone who has one for sale, please let me know.

I am also considering importing one from Japan. Anyone has experience with that? Seems to me it can get quite expensive looking at import taxes, payment fees and transportation costs.


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Por Grauw

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16-06-2015, 00:47

I can tell you about my import experience; I got my GT (unboxed, but with manuals and disks and in pristine looking condition, pic) off Yahoo Auctions last year through the FromJapan broker service.

The final auction bid was 56,555 yen (€ 408). Added to that was 3,037 yen (€ 22) FJ service fees. Japanese tax, shipping from the seller to the FJ warehouse and forwarding to the Netherlands cost an additional 14,226 yen (€ 102). There were also some import taxes but I was able to keep them low by having FJ list the value of the item lower, I believe it ended up at around € 30 if I recall correctly. So the added cost on the final auction price was around 35%.

Also there was some extra cost for buying a 230V-100V transformer and a new drive belt.

FJ invoice:


Payment option: Deposit
① Final winning price: 56,555 Yen
② Commission fee: 200 Yen
③ Used Point(s): 0 Point
④ System usage fee: ( ( ① + ② - ③ ) × 5% ) 2,837 Yen
Charge1 Total ( ① + ② - ③ + ④ ): 59,592 Yen

Payment option: Credit Card
① Domestic delivery charge: 800 Yen
② Bank transfer fee: 270 Yen
③ Pending system usage fee of Charge1: 0 Yen
④ Excess charge: 0 Yen
⑤ Tax ( Charge1 ): 4,524 Yen
⑥ Check Service Fee: 150 Yen
⑦ Surcharge: 0 Yen
⑧ Oversea shipping: 7,855 Yen
⑨ Insurance options: 100
⑩ Box Fee ( New ): 0 Yen
⑪ Extra Services: 0 Yen
⑫ Combination Extension Fee: 0 Yen
⑬ Charge 2 Extension Fee: 0 Yen
⑭ Total ( ① ~ ⑬ ): 13,699 Yen
⑮ Used Point(s): 0 Point
⑯ System usage fee ( ( ⑭ - ⑮ ) × 5% ): 684 Yen
Charge2 Total ( ⑭ - ⑮ + ⑯ ): 14,383 Yen

Por -Neo-

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16-06-2015, 01:33

Thanks Grauw. That gives a good indication. Did you replace the belt and the transformer yourself?

Por meits

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16-06-2015, 06:31

Replacing the drive belt is something one usually does himself. The transformers are mostly step down converters which are external, like an adapter.
Be sure it's strong enough, especially if you use cartridges which demand a lot of electricity. 50 watt was too little for me :D Afterwards I let a specialist replace my internal PSU so I don't need those dangerous things anymore.

Por Retrofan

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16-06-2015, 09:28

Or even better, replace the diskdrive with one from PC without annoying belt ;)

Por o.geerdink

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16-06-2015, 10:54

Or better replace with floppy emulator Eek!

Por meits

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16-06-2015, 12:01

If we go that way, why not totally quit using FDD... I can't remember when I used it the last time... Tongue

Por -Neo-

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16-06-2015, 21:15

Hehe, well for now no offer yet, not even one with a drive belt problem Smile

I am wondering. What would be the downsides of buying a ST instead of a GT. Less memory of course and no MIDI. But I already own a Music Module with MIDI. Any advantages the GT MIDI offers? Any other downsides of a ST compared to a GT?

Por daniel683104

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16-06-2015, 22:51

The memory espansion to 512k is easy to do, so that is solve. about the midi sound the internal midi of the TR GT inly Works with 2 or 3 games programed for it. Meanwhile the MIDI PAC is much better and versatille.

So finally the only diference would be the the MSX View installed on the TR GT Rom, not usually used because is in japaness.

Por -Neo-

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18-06-2015, 18:31

Still looking for a Turbo R. Depending upon the state (scratches, boxed, manuals, system disks) and type (ST/GT) I am willing to pay between 300 and 800 EUR.

When I find one I let it know in this topic. Untill then I am open to offers.

Por Marq

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18-06-2015, 19:25

ST has a better selection of AV connectors, so in that respect it's not worse at all.

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