MSX1 RGB modification

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Por mikoto

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25-02-2015, 12:30

This is great! I was starting frustrated with having two MSX1 computers that I did not find satisfying to use and now I feel compelled to buy another one to test the three solutions presented!

The whole 9938 operation is a bit complicated yes, but this is great information that has surfaced about how to convert a MSX1 to an MSX2 and does give a pure RGB output if still used in MSX1 mode. There is a lot of good technical info on this site but it seems like a lot of it is locked in the members :-) We need more threads like this to unlock this great information.

sd_snatcher: That LMH encoder looks great! Have not heard of it before. Do you have any examples of MSX machines that has had this added and how the circuit looks? Does it require any other components or can it be connected directly from the TMS output to the monitor input? 15 KHz isn't VGA though, VGA is 31 KHz. Or did you just mean the socket?

Por ApolloBoy

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25-02-2015, 20:25

sd_snatcher wrote:


You can use the LMH1251 TV-Encoder chip to easily convert Component-Video to RGB in your TMS99x8 based computer/video-game. It even has a built-in sync separator, so you can build a 15KHz VGA output without needing any other chips.

The conversion done by the LMH1251 is of high quality, which means you'll get much more precise colors than by the usual El Cheapo converters that were built inside the traditional MSX1 models with RGB output.

Wasn't aware of that chip, thanks for the tip! Is there anything extra that such a circuit needs for the TMS9928/9929 aside from the components shown in the datasheet?

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