Booting turbo r

Por Sky_hawk

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22-10-2014, 22:25

Why does booting a turbor take so long compared to an msx2, is there anything we can do to speed it up?

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22-10-2014, 22:52

I haven't really noticed a difference, but in theory at least it takes a bit longer because of memory count, init of 2 CPU's etc... Maybe I have just not compared it next to MSX2...

Anyway to your question... Yes you can speed up MSX2 and MSX tR boot time if you know what you are doing and you are willing to change the ROMs from inside. ie. this MSX2+ that I made boots up about 2 seconds faster than similar MSX2+ with factory ROMs.

Most of the time is wasted on detailed memory check that is even done several times. (If there is memory error then the BASIC uses less RAM for program, but games don't work anyway -> Useless)

Por Retrofan

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23-10-2014, 07:53

MSX turbo R has to copy (64kB?) ROM to RAM during boot as the R800 can access RAM much faster... This is what I read in the past if I remember correctly...