MSX Tiles devtool v0.9b

MSX Tiles devtool v0.9b

por snout en 11-08-2014, 21:41
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Source: aOrante's blog

aOrante has published the first public release of MSX Tiles, a tile editor TMS9918 mode 2 with support for various file formats, compression and V9938 palettes. Originally built as a tool to convert Pentacour's nMSXtiles to C, the utility now supports nMSXtiles, SC2, GIF, PNG and its own input file format. Output can be generated for assembly, C and MSX-BASIC, including RLE based compression or the new RLE WB compression, based on the type of run-length-encoding used in Wonder Boy on Sega Master System. The latter file format can be decompressed with unRLEWB

Relevant link: MSX Tiles devtool v0.9b

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Por jlemos

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24-10-2014, 17:13

Cool editor.

Any idea to add export format for others VPDs like V9958 or V9990?

Multi color sprites?

Best regards,

Julio Lemos