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Por Samor

Prophet (2122)

Imagen del Samor

01-04-2014, 13:33

hm, well, there's lots of Spanish MSX sites (it's an international language afterall) but that doesn't mean I can read them =P

Por syn

Prophet (2088)

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01-04-2014, 14:12

Samor wrote:

Spanish (it's an international language afterall)

heh thats actually a good point Wink

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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01-04-2014, 15:00

Actually, I think MSX and the scene has helped me to understand Spanish better! Big smile

(unfortunately, still not good enough to properly play that very cool looking Spanish text adventure by Karoshi of which the name escapes me right now)

EDIT: Whoops, I meant RELEVO, and it's this one:

Por msxlegend

Master (176)

Imagen del msxlegend

01-04-2014, 17:09

I m so sorry but it s not possible !!! it s a french page.
So I do the best my self to translate language when I go on dutch or spanish. But english are welcome off course Wink

Por Grauw

Ascended (10321)

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01-04-2014, 18:36

Dutch is an international language too… Smile

Por msxlegend

Master (176)

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24-05-2014, 17:48

Actualy, there are more than 210 friends from all over the world
Thanks for all Smile


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