HomeComputerShow announced

HomeComputerShow announced

por FiXato en 20-03-2014, 22:49
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On the 17th of May of 2014 a bunch of Atari 8-bit fans will be hosting the HomeComputerShow in Hilversum, the Netherlands, because they feel there should be a special event where everyone can enjoy the great diversity of all the platforms while having fun within and across home computer communities. As mentioned on their announcement post in the MSX Home Computers Facebook group, entrance is free.

The event will be hosted at the Zalencentrum De Akker located at the 'Melkpad 14b' in Hilversum, the Netherlands. The location is at a five minute walking distance from the train station and has its own parking area. The event is open for visitors from 10:00 to 17:00, while participants are welcome from nine o' clock to set up their booths. There will be room for hard- and software demonstrations, presentations, game competitions and an info market with homecomputer-related sales.

For now the list of participants is rather Atari-oriented, but let's all show that the MSX is also still alive and kicking!

Relevant link: Home Computer Show

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Por Whizzy

Master (198)

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22-03-2014, 11:22

nm ... i must learn to read

Por FiXato

Scribe (1603)

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22-03-2014, 15:06

You still have two months to reserve some time to visit Whizzy. ;-)

Por Whizzy

Master (198)

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22-03-2014, 16:50

I may go yes, it's around the corner.

And again im too fast, already having a family meeting that day... bwug

Por hbarcellos

Hero (563)

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25-03-2014, 03:02

Interesting there's GRATIS written on the poster.
Means FREE in Portuguese.

Por snout

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25-03-2014, 09:32

...as it does in many other languages including Dutch and (drum roll) English!

Por syn

Paragon (1972)

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13-05-2014, 01:45

So... any MSX folks gonna be present here? either as standholders or visitors?