PC Software to View and Manage MSX Picture / DSK / XSA / BAS

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Por gasparrini

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25-08-2013, 23:24

CONGRATULATION......... (^_^)

Very, very, but very very NICE !!! ;-)

Best Regards.......
AG. Hannibal

Por Jorito

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26-08-2013, 22:53

Great job, keep up the good work!

Por slumpmax

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07-09-2013, 15:32

I updated the program for a little more.

- Integrated all tools and change name to MSXSee
- Add support for Compressed Graph Saurus format
- XSA Encode & Decode (have a few problem, I download XSA file form internet, I can open it and recompress
but a file is different from the original a little, but it's no problem for uses.
- Disk Image (DSK / XSA) can Add, Delete, Extract or Drop file from Explorer to Add, can view image directly but not to Basic file (under construction)
- Basic preview

Long Term Goal:
- Fix all bug
- LZH / PMA / ZIP support
- G9B / MAG and other file format support
- Complete view any file in Disk Image
- Basic Editor & Basic Interpreter
- Open file from network drive
- etc.

Download Link:

Screen Shot:

Por yzi

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07-09-2013, 16:13

If you want to add support for LT2 images, here's the file format spec and viewer source

Directory of LT2 images

Btw, have you tried to make this cross-platform with Lazarus? I and Marq use Mac and Linux, and this looks like a nifty tool to have.

Por slumpmax

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07-09-2013, 18:04

I will add support for LT2 images soon.

I have no idea to make this cross-platform because I develop all the part of program very long time.
a lot of code and a lot of assembly code are used for this program and used for many program I write.

Btw, for linux it's possible to port some feature like this in the future.

Thanks for the advice.

Por Manuel

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07-09-2013, 21:29

What do you use exactly to develop the program? Which language and/or toolkits?

Por slumpmax

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08-09-2013, 09:38

I use Turbo Delphi Explorer. (Free version, can not download now.)
Turbo Delphi Explorer can not install any custom component.
I must develop every custom component with myself.
FolderBox, ThumbView, etc.

I used main code from Graphics32 library and develop my own graphic engine for myself.
It's never been full version engine because I use it own and modify it everytime. Evil


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24-10-2013, 22:22

Screen 2 seems the sole graphic mode not supported by your viewer.
Why not adding support for SC2 images ?

Por slumpmax

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26-10-2013, 19:12

I can add support for SC2 in a few day
But I very busy in my job
I have no time to develop this now

Por MSX_Noob

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20-08-2014, 08:25

What's the latest on picture editors folks? I'm looking for something so I can easily import in Screen 5 (or others)...
Seems all the links here are dead so a good link to the latest topic would seal this one :-)

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