Mitsubishi ML-G200

Por Manuel

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10-08-2013, 21:56

This device is shown in MSX Computing of Apr-May 1986 on page 41 (thanks to Olivier for pointing me to this):

As Olivier already remarked: this looks a lot like an ML-G30... Does someone know something about the ML-G200? Is it just an early version/prototype of the machine later released as the ML-G30?

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Por Gradius2

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11-08-2013, 00:10

This looks a lot like Expert with color monitor here.

Those color monitor were super rare in Brazil.


Guardian (5396)

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11-08-2013, 12:27

I normally use this Japanese MSX HW list as a reference and this model doesn't appear. You can find there several unknown MSX hardware even that MSX2 from Sony with CD-ROM that seems never came to light. For sure this Mitsubishi model should be included.

Por supmsx

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11-08-2013, 13:51

Look likes a MSX 1 with 2 floppy disk drives (the keyboard has the MSX sign and not MSX 2)

Por Maggoo

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12-08-2013, 17:00

BTW the picture of an ML-G200 is also featured in one early dutch MSX Magazine. I'm trying to find the reference. The article is about the upcoming MSX2 but as supmsx points out, the logo is MSX only...