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Por tfh

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26-10-2005, 15:23

@Latok: Yes! The architecture of the Amiga was great Smile
@Snout: Yup.. Those samples were nice Smile We prefered to use both FMPAC (for the in-demo-music) and a Music Module (for the samples) to watch the demo
@Latok: That is exactly what we did with FDD#2. Samples from the Music Module during the time to load the next demo. Never checked that? Tsssss!

FDD #2 rulez! (And so does FDD#1 Tongue)

Por BiFi

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26-10-2005, 16:20

well, actually... you CAN do animations while loading... be it limited ones. The VDP has the R#13 register which is capable to display an odd page and the connecting even page alternately: 0-1 and 2-3.


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26-10-2005, 16:21

*This is revisited version of one of my earlyer posts*

Yes, it is possible to play music and display animation during loading... NOP has actually even made a program, that played a full screen movie with sounds during loading it from disk. See: ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/msx/demos/NOP/traxplayer-songs/ and ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/msx/demos/NOP/realmotion/

The problem is anyway, that you can not make diskloader so, that it would be done according to MSX standard. This means, that the loader will only work on some MSX models.

If you play by the rules, the options are very limited... If you want just something, you can make Zoids kind of soundeffect like this:

10 SOUND 0,255:SOUND1,255:SOUND 12,15:SOUND13,14:SOUND 8,16

...or you can use VDP registers 12 & 13 to make 2 frame animation.
... or you can use ADPCM sample of MSX-Audio if you have one.

Anything more complex is almost impossible.

With cassette it is a whole different story... Cassette interface is standard on every MSX,
so you can do pretty much anything you like to, but you have to be very carefull to get the
timing right. Unfortunately I don't know any good examples for MSX, but for example Ghost
busters on C64 allowed you to play Space Inviders during loading of the actual game. There
is no reason why this could not be done on MSX as well.

I think the reason, why MSX did not have this kind of loaders was, that routines on MSX BIOS
were too good and there was no need to rewrite them unlike in C64, where the original
cassette routines sucked a big time! (They were horribly slow and even very unreliable)
Here is a simple example, how to use cassettes in new way! This example is not a loader, but
it should be otherways funny

- Make following kind of loader routine on BASIC:

10 A$="F3160701A27F210000DBAAA0045F3E0ED3A0ED78A0B3D3AA2B7CB520F51520F2C9"
20 FOR I=0 TO &H20:POKE&HC000+I,VAL("&H"+MID$(A$,I*2+1,2)):NEXT
30 DEFUSR=&HC000

- Now save this routine to cassette...

- Take cassette out and place it to your music recorder

- Adjust microphone input very much louder, than you normally do

- Press record and say something like "Now loading XYZ made by XXX... Please wait"

- Stop recorder and place your cassette back to MSX cassette drive.

- Now record the actual game (In this example "NEXT" )

When you load the game, you should hear the explanation (about 10sec) before the game loads.

Only problem after makeing your loader is, how to copy it to your friends, and how in earth you get anyone to load a game from cassette in 2005 :-9

Por BiFi

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26-10-2005, 16:25

blinking dot in Unknown RealityWhat blining dot? I must have missed it then. AFAIK what you see is the LOADING, DECRUNCHING and READY popping up beneath the NOP text in the upper right corner when the demo is loading, decrunching or ready to continue.


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26-10-2005, 16:25

A very limited animation can be done using the programmable page seap of the VDP
but you have only two alternate pages....

Sorry for the typos, but this is what I was meaning when I said that.

Two pages can be used for a blinking title, e.g. a LOADING screen with pulsing heart or moving flames or whatever….
And you can play sample with the SCC or some very limited
sound effect using envelops of the PSG

Por BiFi

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26-10-2005, 16:26

NYYRIKKI... Wasn't R#12 for TEXT80 mode only?

Por pitpan

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26-10-2005, 16:58

There're a number of different things to do when loading from tape. About what to do when loading from disk, I cannot say.

Loading from tape is less CPU intensive than we usually think. An example of this are my experiments about hyper-loading (aprox 8500 real bauds vs. 1200/2400 bauds of the standard loader). Of course, I'd suggest to be very cautious about this, but I guess than one could easily do something like the "Technician Ted" loader for Sinclair Spectrum (the one with all the little Ted sprites moving from side to side of the screen).

Other "easy" manipulations for MSX1 include the typical "colour bars" for turbo loaders (just writing to VDP register 7 random values), sound using envelopes (as Nyyrikki said) or direct-sampling using the cassette bit (again, contributed by Nyyrikki).

If you code your own loading routine, accessing directly to the cassette sample bit from the PSG, you can do almost anything you want. It would be very easy -even with the standard cassette routines- to make a line-by-line screen loading, like in the Spectrum: read byte, write byte to VRAM (out).

But once again, the question is who could be interested in such things. I love to load from cassette or CD, but my main interest is to make it as fast as possible. Any additional effect would reduce this speed.

Por snout

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26-10-2005, 17:43

Only problem after makeing your loader is, how to copy it to your friends, and how in earth you get anyone to load a game from cassette in 2005 :-9Indeed. My OCM doesn't have a cassette port! Sad


Por BiFi

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26-10-2005, 17:51

then fix that? Wink

Por AuroraMSX

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26-10-2005, 18:11

And here we have the power of the Commodore Amiga.

Well, let's make that "Behold the power of DMA!".

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