What's the best MSX game cover artwork [nominations]

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Por snout

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11-10-2005, 15:10

Time for REQUEST-A-SCAN. If you want to nominate a title, but can't scan/find the cover artwork, nominate it as follows:

Request-a-scan: ....

and err.. I'm afraid we did rig google images search for a day or two. neat Wink

Por legacy

Hero (570)

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11-10-2005, 15:36

A lot of the covers I've seen these days make me think of the style of Boris Vallejo, same use of colors and sometimes the bizar subjects

Por [D-Tail]

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11-10-2005, 22:44

OK, here it is:
Request-a-scan: Illusion City (MicroCabin, MSX turboR, 8*2DD).

Por Samor

Prophet (2148)

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12-10-2005, 00:18

finally a challenge that konami won't win....at least, that is, they shouldn't; their best covers are far from the best that were made for MSX.

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9971)

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12-10-2005, 00:31

tho, I won't be surprised if ppl will eventually vote for the the best game again.. ;P

Por meits

Scribe (6509)

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12-10-2005, 13:39

I didn't... I've been checking all funet pics (sorry gaais Big smile ) And came up with this top5:

Ashguine 2 (never seen the game)
Colums (never seen the game)
Haja no fuin (never seen the game)
Hydline II (never seen the game)
Magical kid WIZ (played it some times)

Por [D-Tail]

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12-10-2005, 14:15

I like your style, Meits ^____^

Por Shocky

Supporter (14)

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12-10-2005, 14:46

KOEI scans needed (BiFi?)

Request-a-scan: Suikoden
Request-a-scan: Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2
Request-a-scan: Genghis Khan

+ the last game on BiFi's page, the thumbnail looks very good

Can't remember the name of the one that I was mainly after Sad

Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

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12-10-2005, 14:53

Shocky, if you can put the code to the name (so I'm sure I have the right scans, and to update the names on the site) of those KOEI games I'll spam MRC with them Wink

(the codes pop up after you're pointing at one of the covers for a while)

Por Shocky

Supporter (14)

Imagen del Shocky

12-10-2005, 22:48

BiFi, great =)

MXKN12006 (Genghis Khan)
MXKN12007 (don't know the name?)

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