Paradream on openMSX 0.9.1 - "Out of memory in 50" error?

Por RoryM

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29-11-2012, 18:39

I've been trying to get Paradream working with openMSX all afternoon, but as far as I've gotten is the part where you choose your weapons. After that, the screen goes black, the disk drive shows activity for a while, then I get the error message "Out of memory in 50", followed by "Ok", followed by a command prompt.

I realise the error message is refering to line 50 of the program that has crashed, and that "Out of memory" means just that, but does anyone know how to stop this error occuring?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Rory.

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Por mars2000you

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29-11-2012, 18:48

Do you have created a DOS2 formatted disk image ?

Most turboR disk images on the net are wrong (DOS1 formatted).

Use Disk Manager to extract the files, create a DOS2 formatted disk image and transfer the files on this disk image.

Por wouter_

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29-11-2012, 19:05

mars2000you is (partly?) right. Some Paradream disk images are wrong. E.g. I have these two disk images with sha1sums:
1dd663e5b38ce0206f09a8c6a226f9e6562e341a Paradream,_Parallel_Dream_(1992)(Rac_House).dsk
fcf3dd0045da446f997f3a055d9fdbf3c180cd81 PARADREA.DSK
The first shows the exact same symptom you described ("out of memory in 50" after the weapon select screen). The second disk image works without any problems.

I briefly tried, but I couldn't create a working version out of the first disk by copying the files to a DOS2 formatted disk. Maybe there's something else wrong with that image?

Por DanySoft

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29-11-2012, 19:52

Sometimes, this file may also work on MSX2
because sometimes for the errors due to DOS2.31 (in some
cases, DOS2.20 but may not work properly)
So the DOS2 is effective to load programs into RAMDISK!
But this program has made a mess, and has not tested properly!

Runs on Bluemsx and has not solved the problem!
Openmsx? Either!

Por RoryM

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29-11-2012, 21:50

Thanks for the replies everyone. The disk image I've been using is a DOS2 image I created using Disk Manager v0.14 and the Paradream files found in an LZH at MSX Archive.

I think the MSX Archive files might be the same ones as found in the Paradream,_Parallel_Dream_(1992)(Rac_House).dsk and others found online as I'm getting the same error with every set of files I've used with Disk Manager.

Interestingly, I haven't come across a disk named PARADREA.DSK, but I'd be very grateful to know where to find it if someone is willing to point me in the right direction.

Por RoryM

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30-11-2012, 12:58

Looks like the theory about a broken set of files doing the rounds is on the money. It eventually occured to me to so a Google search for "msx turbo r roms" "fixed" and found a fixed version.

Sigh, easy if you know how!

Por Manuel

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30-11-2012, 22:55

but, it's not a rom Sad

Por RoryM

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01-12-2012, 14:56

True, the files aren't roms, but all game files are generically, albeit wrongly, known as roms. Sad though it might be, popular misuse of words often leads to slang words being adopted by languages, and this is especially applicable to Google searches.

Being a pragmatist, I tend to just go the route that produces the best results. The result in this case being a working copy of Paradream. Smile2

Por retrogames.revival

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29-08-2013, 20:04

After extract files from Tosec's images, I create DOS2 formated DSK and add files into the new DSK.
(Thanks Mars200you again!).Smile

The first file: Paradream. Parallel Dream (1992)(Rac House)
Not run after setup screens.

On my Tosec (old, but i dont now the release) the file DSK: Paradream. Parallel Dream (1992)(Rac House)[b]
Run fine!

Por Vampier

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31-08-2013, 08:30

Not an openMSX problem but a software problem. The behavior is probably the same on real hardware.

Por RoryM

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02-09-2013, 10:14

Vampier wrote:

Not an openMSX problem but a software problem. The behavior is probably the same on real hardware.

Speculation aside, if you try the faulty image file on some real hardware and find that the behaviour is the same then please post back. It would be good to know for certain that it isn't an openMSX problem.