Help Second diskdrive for MITSUBISHI ML-G3 MSX2

Por Diego Mallorca

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24-10-2012, 22:32

Sorry, I need dome help. I have a mitsubishi ML-G3, and I boght a B: drive adapted from PC to Bas. But I don't know if there is some jumper to make on in the computer, because the second drive is ofline,.

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Por Daemos

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25-10-2012, 23:03

You have to check the service manual if any is available and check if the MSX system has the floppy drive controllers in place and if the floppy drive controller eprom supports a second B: drive.

EDIT: just check if the eprom supports two drives and if the controller is attached to the outside to support two drives

Por bennyroger

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27-10-2012, 08:53

Also note that some MSX computers need the ready signal (pin 33-34 shorted)