Hey! New here!

Por Seldane

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27-08-2005, 16:00

Wow, I must say -- this is a really nice board! I registered here a long time ago (around two years ago, I think). But I never got around to posting.

However -- that'll change this time. It seems calm and friendly here, a very nice feature for a board.

I'm generally very interested in old Japanese computer systems such as MSX, X68000, PC-8801/9801, X1 and FM-77/7. I think I'll like it here.

I'm from Sweden and I'm a huge Ys fan. I'm currently running the Ys board known as "Ancient Land of Ys". It's been around for almost two years now.

Anyway, nice to be here. I look forward to talking to you all! Smile

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Por Latok

msx guru (3836)

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27-08-2005, 16:14

Welcome! Thanks for all the kind words, hope you will enjoy yourself here Smile

Por wolf_

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27-08-2005, 16:32

Hey! Can you tell us something about the MSX-scene in Sweden, if any?

Together with Finland, Norway, Denmark, the area is a bit of the heart of the PC/Amiga-demoscene.. dunno how popular the MSX is there..

Por Seldane

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27-08-2005, 16:51

Well, the MSX does not exist in Sweden -- and I really mean does not exist. Nobody even knows what MSX is. I only know of one person who's even HEARD of MSX here in Sweden. Pretty sad. Commodore 64 and Amiga were huge here back in the days, though. MSX seems to be pretty popular in Finland, but I don't know about Norway or Denmark.

Por snout

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27-08-2005, 21:06

Welcome to the MRC forums, Seldane! The YS series are amazingly cool indeed. Hope you have a great time here Wink

Por Pentaru

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28-08-2005, 16:30

Hello from France.
Have a good time ;-)