Looking for MSX2 HB-F700, model S, P or D

Por Dhampird

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20-09-2012, 01:50

Hello, i´m looking for a full MSX2 HB-F700S, but i´m think here the Spanish model will not be easy to find, model P= AEP, or PAL international, or UK will be an option, and D version will be the last option.
Probably i could get a HB-700S here in Spain, but "without" Keyboard, let me know if anyone have a extra or lost HB-F700 keyboard to sell(French version will be last option, better the others first).

I´m wondering if anyone of the forum have a full HB-F700, i mean: complete, with box, original manuals and disks that comes with the computer, mouse, etc. I tried to find pictures of original Box on the net, but i didnt find anything, please if anyone have "original full package" , post some links or your custom images to try recognise what include the complete package when it was released.

Thanks a lot everyone. Wink

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Por bennyroger

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22-09-2012, 08:27

You can replace bios if you don't get the keyboard layout you want. I bought a D version because it was not sold in Norway, later the bios was replaced with a Dk/No one, just move the keys to the new place/make layout signs.

Por jltursan

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22-09-2012, 12:52

IIRC I've a spare HB-F700S with its spanish keyboard somewhere. It comes with a PC diskdrive and it's not severely yellowed. Must to check it all again tho...

Feel free to contact me through my email (look my profile).