Piggyback RAM - TMM41464AP??

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Por Colemu

Hero (535)

Imagen del Colemu

23-09-2012, 04:43

Well I put it back to how it was, tested all connections.

No more failures Big smile

My luck had to run out sooner or later eh Tongue

Leaving well alone now, don't fix what ain't broken!

Por Colemu

Hero (535)

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23-09-2012, 14:02

I'll see if I can get round to posting a video of the finished MSX2+(ish) computer in action.

Still working ok (fingers crossed). Passing memory tests every time....

Thanks again RT Big smile

BTW: We both thought you'd all appreciate a bit of drama at the end of the story...... Wink

Por Colemu

Hero (535)

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23-09-2012, 15:22

Although all tests pass, I am having trouble with MSX Music on my Phillips Music Module...

Games that used to play music are now silent:

FireHawk (in MSX Music mode)

MSX Audio seems fine..

Any ideas?

BTW: my Philips MM is equiped with Audio Bios v1.3

Update: Xevious now works, played with different cartridge slot! LOL!
Can't get Firehawk to work in MSX Audio mode though. It used to..

Por Colemu

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23-09-2012, 17:08

Must be to do with the Module, the computer is fine.

Here is a short video:


Por jltursan

Prophet (2582)

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24-09-2012, 13:23

A nice work indeed, is there already a quick step guide summarizing the process?

Por Colemu

Hero (535)

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24-09-2012, 19:58

No, not at the moment.

If there was demand, I could put one together....

Por japanretroCT

Expert (127)

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28-06-2019, 22:30

Hi colemu i have a HB-F1 i would want to expand memory...Do you have some schemathic of what you done to your computer?
Best regards.

Por alexito

Paladin (747)

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30-06-2019, 20:46

Hi Colemu, could please re-post the old pictures from 2012 because the link is broke , very interesting mod I would like to try some day.


Por LS120

Expert (105)

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28-07-2019, 06:40

i have a HB F1 im looking at doing the 512kb mod also looking at wanting to remove the Jap software is there a Rom immage to down load to replace it with? and what eeprom's are best/easy to get.


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