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Por gamemastermaarten

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27-09-2015, 14:44

New MSX and Famicom gain. Tongue For Famicom see the CNGF here. Cool

Por AndreV

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05-07-2020, 18:41

my little collection.

1 Original philips nms-8250
1 philips nms-8250 converted to a msx2+
megaflashrom sd 512
on the way Carnivore 2
FM pac from msx club gouda.
sanyo 202e data recorder
Philips data recorder with a gear broken

konami roms:
Goonies, yie-ar kungfu 1&2, sky jaguar, knightmare, boxing, football, tennis, hyper rally, road fighter, metal gear, penguin adventure, ping pong, hyper sporst 1, track & field 2, F1 spirit, king's valley. Nemesis.

Book: Konami's MSX Legacy: The Unofficial Story

Por uberjack

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06-07-2020, 07:27

I'm close to completing my Konami set, but I have a handful of Compile as well

As far as computers, I have a Panasonic A1 WX, Sony HB-F1XV, and a Yamaha YIS-604/128.

Por AndreV

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06-07-2020, 07:53

Wow, verry nice,

Por albs_br

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26-08-2020, 23:16

Most pictures on this thread are unavailable. Maybe it's time to MRC host the pictures itself.

Por rjp

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27-08-2020, 06:21

Sure I'd place some photos here... I'll do it in the future.

But I have a photo album here, at Google Photos. Hope you enjoy it:

And here goes my setup.

MSX Turbo-R, Gradiente Expert (upgraded to MSX 2+, it's a Expert 3) and NMS-8250 (upgraded to MSX 2+ too), JVC HC-90 and OCM. On the shelves, you can see a CAPTAIN NTT (that weird MSX 2), a Hitachi MB-H3 (MSX 2), my Sanyo Wavy 23 (MSX 2)... You can see more pictures in the photo album.

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