How do I check RAM on MSX?

Por misterspin

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05-01-2012, 23:27

Is there a way to programmatically verify if RAM is functioning properly?
Thanks in advance.

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Por commodorejohn

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06-01-2012, 02:07

Are you talking about finding where RAM is located in the MSX memory map, or actually verifying the function of RAM chips on an individual computer? If it's the latter, you could adapt existing memory-test software like Memtest86 for the job - it all basically comes down to writing filler patterns to memory and then reading them back.

Por Eugeny_Brychkov

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06-01-2012, 10:24

from example from here

Por misterspin

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06-01-2012, 19:39

Thanks again,
That's exactly what I needed!

Por caro

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07-01-2012, 07:06