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Por mars2000you

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04-06-2005, 19:51

@wolf :
Ok, such a poll has indeed more chance to become reality on MRC, because it is open to different options (one of them should be the return of Patriek, but I doubt that this option is really possible : MRC is not a democracy, as we know)

Por MrRudi

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04-06-2005, 19:57

I guess the reason why people get demotivated to continue to work on / for the MSX system has not changed over the years. I can therefore easily link back to my own situation. When the 'audience' you develop for becomes smaller, the less feedback you get, the less motivation you will have to do another thing. Unfortunately this is something that will not change for the better in the future. I don't make stuff for other developers to look at, you make it for a 'larger audience' of people that are impressed with what you made. These people are no longer around, basically they haven't been around for over five years. And no matter what you make for MSX, you won't attract new 'audience' type of people, since even if you make the most beautiful, technically perfect product ever conceived on MSX, it will look outdated and crappy compared to things people see everyday on other more mainstream platforms.

I get regular questions about the synth albums with MSX music I made, and regular is like 1 question in three months time, but never about the msx products. I had fun pixeling a picture for a christmas demo, but response was zero. There is your motivation problem, and calling people on the MRC to respond more often and positively is not a solution, that's more like asking collegues in a big company to be more supportive toward one another. It's nice yes, but the 'big achievement feeling' can only come from a large group outside the inner circle. And such a group is non-existent.

Por flyguille

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04-06-2005, 20:05

MrRudi, what hard words... but it has some trues and some not.

I thinks no one msx developer are aiming to astonish the outside of msx comunity ppl.

that is my 2cents

Por Sander

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04-06-2005, 20:21

Well, people should understand that the things you do for MSX on or the MSX is just for fun. If it makes you happy then it's okay. See it as a hobby. Some people like to collect stamps, others wash their cars. And a lot of people that had 8-bit computers in their youth like new things on old machines. Retro gaming is big in a lot of other countries and will rise here also. Sure, not as big as all the new stuff and consoles but how do you want to impress people that use those machines being a hobbyist? Actually I only like a handful publishers/studios out of maybe a thousand companies. Most things suck.

Just have fun in what you do. I get my appreciation for the things I do in life from friends, family and my boss. That enough for me Smile Should be enough for anyone else too. Ah well, never mind.

Por SLotman

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04-06-2005, 21:14

For myself I couldnt care less about other people opinions... I do my MSX stuff because I like to do it, I like the "hey, look what I could do!" feeling Wink

If someone else besides me like it, then it's a plus Smile

Of course, receiveing reactions is allways nice, and do encourage a bit, but *for me* the main factor remains, I like to do things because I think msx-programming is fun Smile

Por sunrise

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04-06-2005, 22:53

If you ask me people try only to explain why and not what.

I try for the what now

-answers to questions on several subjects
e.g. what do I get for my money if a buy an all in one chip.
Clear would you say . I say no because the orderform in japan shows e.g. that I get 256KB ram , true or not, do I get a case with it , with or without a sd card etc etc
- fairs upcoming when and where
-progress of new games
New hardware - e.g. where and how to get an Obsonetcard.Not quite clear also.
I ordered one but when I asked my copy was gone to Hans Otten. The real distibutor who takes of the export to foreign countries appears to be Saeba.
So now I am the first for the new serie. However very unclear if it comes since Daniel Berdugo (designer) told me that had a shortage of components.
I warned him for that already in the past and offered also cartridges for casing.
Also a decent label could easily be asked to Hnostar

This answers lay in the hands of a few people.

I know that people want that Sunrise lays products on the table , by preference very fast ,sometimes not realizing as Sander said it's a hobby.
Well from my point of view is that if you start with the way we do it, as well as MRC and Bazix it is more than a hobby due to the fact that it costs all your spare time sometimes till let into the night

I do my best ... and it will apperently never stop. It's KARMA !

Por flyguille

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04-06-2005, 23:10

RELAX!, take a coffe

Por Alex Ganzeveld

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05-06-2005, 11:21

Yoda has spoken. (no offence btw!)

Por [D-Tail]

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05-06-2005, 12:15

- fairs upcoming when and whereAre you sure you already checked this one? :)

Por sunrise

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05-06-2005, 12:30

Ofcourse, such as many other things you can find on MRC.
But it is in general what people want to know/want .
ANd the most important two (The upcoming Bussum as well as Oss ) .
Since we know that Tilburg is history,it becomes nice to know when.

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