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Por Manuel

Ascended (19678)

Imagen del Manuel

12-03-2017, 14:12

Manuel wrote:

when I click on a YouTube link on MRC, I get that 'pop up' with the video. But nowadays it says that the Flash API was deprecated in January 2015... in a text on the bottom of that pop-up. Time for an update?

Snout, can this be fixed? It's now happening again (was gone for a while).

Por edoz

Prophet (2501)

Imagen del edoz

01-05-2017, 15:50

Any news about the email notification settings? I hope it will come back some day.

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1438)

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10-09-2017, 23:40

so i did a search for autoexec.bat and alias.bat in the search bar of
it will return URL not found..

Por mars2000you

Enlighted (6556)

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14-09-2017, 10:52

There's a problem for uploading pictures in the Wiki - see

Por Thom

Paladin (711)

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03-10-2017, 21:32

I can only see the first page of the news archive. Selecting page 2 or higher in various ways (also changing the url) doesn't work, unfortunately. It doesn't ruin my life, but it's a bit harder to find older news (thankfully searching the site works).

Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3675)

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28-01-2018, 16:04

Weird. It seems that the Creating pixel art thread doesn't show up anymore in the "Latest forum posts" area of the main page after replies are posted there.

Por Pentarou

Hero (559)

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25-02-2018, 22:10

Is there a problem with the EDIT function? I just posted a reply in a thread and can't see how to edit it.
Also clicking on the emoticons below does nothing.

Por hamlet

Scribe (4106)

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25-02-2018, 22:52

Test oO Eek!
Edit: Test Evil oO
Edit: Everything seems fine here...

Por Pentarou

Hero (559)

Imagen del Pentarou

26-02-2018, 02:19

Test again...

Edit: And it works...
Sorry about that, it was a rogue browser extension oO

Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3675)

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31-03-2018, 17:09

The patch tag seems to be missing on many of the MRC news about this topic. This makes it harder to find all of them unless you already know what you're looking for, and we know that there are many nice patches for the MSX games.

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