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Por FiXato

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24-02-2005, 00:11

Now it doesn't show the place of the decimal point though but I suppose everyone here knows where it belongs...

quoted especially for grauw Tongue

I like the idea Tongue nice listings Wink

Por Sousuke

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24-02-2005, 16:39

Totally sick duuuude Tongue

Por DarQ

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24-02-2005, 17:04

ok, but how about using turbo-r emulation? most characters will go wrong because of its weird keymap.

Por Manuel

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24-02-2005, 17:30

DarQ: yes, use the IPS patch to let it have a European keyboard when openMSX 0.5.1 comes out Smile

Of course we should fix this once for real.

Por [D-Tail]

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24-02-2005, 18:58

Looking for: Japanese PC-keyboards!


Por Edwin

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24-02-2005, 19:50

For the few that are not aware of the C variant (which started in 1984) of this contest, the website ( of the IOCCC contains a lot of inspiring code. It's C, but that doesn't mean some of the concepts can't be applied to MSX Basic.


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25-02-2005, 15:55

Usually first program to write on any language is "Hello World"... Here is my version for MSX-BASIC Tongue

1 DEFSTRO:O="Obkkh'Phukc&":POKE-189,&HEE:KA=KA+1TOLEN(O):XCHR$(ASC(MID$(O,A,-NOTE))XOR7);:J:Q-&O275,201

Por poke-1,170

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25-02-2005, 19:30

did I tell you're all scary?


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25-02-2005, 21:25

I must agree, that I have currently exceeded a bit even my own expectations of writing MSX-BASIC all wrong! Tongue

... but scary? Heck, this is not even close to scary yet! Other fraction of my mind is currently working with entry, that is capable of expanding it's command set, self modifying and progressive evolveing. I hope, it will finish it's job next week. Smile

At first stage the code will start expanding the BASIC command set to be able to take over the development, then it will start adding and deleting parts of it's source untill it gains the final basic stucture. After that it starts to modify and run it self in a loop without clear preprogrammed pattern, so after this point you will not be able to know when it was started or how many generations it has "lived".

The current version has already tools to modify it self and basic understanding of it's structure, at the moment it anyway has also pretty bad self destruction habits, that slow down the development. Anyway, back to the topic... I think, that when it is released, it might be a bit scary. Tongue

Por snout

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25-02-2005, 21:32

Should I consider the 'hello world' code to be the 4th entry? Smile

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