Yoshida Konzern

por Randam en 09-11-2009, 22:59
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Have you ever dreamed of making a shoot'em up, but never succeeded in forming a group? A game editor like Yoshida Konzern might be the answer. Imanok thought up the idea to collectively make a new game by each contributing a level. There was one catch: Yoshida Konzern's interface was in Japanese, which makes it hard to figure everything out. But now a first release of the patch is available! Over 90 percent of the menus have been implemented. The translated help texts haven't been inserted yet, but they will be in a future release.

Relevant link: The MSX Files

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Por jujuba

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13-11-2009, 12:23

Which one is the real thing?


Toma, gringaiada...

Por SLotman

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13-11-2009, 16:51

Which one is the real thing?
Take your own conclusions: my site is online for 10 years, the other, for less than 3 months...

Por Randam

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14-11-2009, 00:33

Max had that domain lying around. I asked him to put up a link on the homepage back to the original MSX files some time ago. And he probably will. It is not meant as disrespect in any way, SLotman.