MSX Club Groningen discontinues activities

por snout en 14-09-2007, 14:32
Tema: Events

Due to personal circumstances MSX Club Groningen have decided to discontinue their activities. Since July 2005, the club organized bimonthly meetings for MSX users in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Relevant link: MSX Club Groningen

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Por Sama

Ambassador (2068)

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14-09-2007, 14:49

It's a pity, but not very surprising I guess, when trying to make a success out of an MSX club in 2005-2007 while already being occupied with so many things. And then such personal circumstances don't really help Smile.

Por Latok

msx guru (3908)

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14-09-2007, 15:10

Thank you for the past meetings! I haven't visited many of them, but the ones I visited.....I enjoyed them a lot Smile

Por msd

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14-09-2007, 19:24

Too bad. Was great anyway Wink

Por Serico

Master (151)

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15-09-2007, 18:18

I want to thank all those who came to MSX Club Groningen in the last few years. It's sad that it has to come to an end. Busy schedules with work, less members and visitors, all together it just takes away the joy to continue. We (Sander and myself) really enjoyed MSX Club Groningen and we always did our best for it. MSX will always be a big part of my life so i hope to see you all sometime again on MSX fairs in the future.