openMSX 0.6.2

por mth en 15-04-2007, 18:39
Tema: Emulation

Today the developers of openMSX - the emulator that aims for perfection - have released version 0.6.2 of this multi platform MSX emulator, along with Catapult, its GUI/launcher.

New or improved emulator features:

  • Video recording and improved sound recording (stutterless)
  • SDLGL-PP renderer (OpenGL 2.0) can do hq and hqlite scaling in hardware
  • Easier to use trainers. It is possible to enable or disable individual cheats of a trained game
  • Extended hot keys: you can now bind any host event to a TCL command, which means you can e.g. let openMSX push the MSX F1 key if you press a certain button on your PC game pad
  • Event recording and replaying (experimental for now: only available at command line, recorded session starts when openMSX starts)
  • Debugger now supports watchpoint regions

MSX device support:

  • V9990 enhancements: deinterlace, cursor Y position in overscan mode, huge speed optimizations for P modes
  • SCC sound quality improvements (no more aliasing)
  • Support for the Playball mapper (and samples)
  • Fixed mirroring of some FDC registers and diskROMs
  • Dot matrix graphical printer emulation added (thanks to the blueMSX Team)
  • Cassetteplayer recognizes end of tape and stops
  • Small bug fixes in various devices: MSX-Audio, V9990, VDP, SCC, PSG, TC8566AF
  • Various speed optimizations: VDP command engine, Z80, video rendering, V9990, debugger response time in break mode
  • Added a few Arabic MSX machines, but note that they have not been verified to be correct

Build system, packaging, documentation:

  • Added support for building an application folder on Mac OS X
  • Added support for building a universal binary for Mac OS X
  • HTML-ized the Console Command Reference and the diskmanipulator documentation. There is now also linking to these new manuals, which improved the usefulness of them a lot
  • Added a text document about how developers can control openMSX from their own application: doc/openmsx-control-xml.txt

For the complete list of changes, please read the release notes. You can download openMSX 0.6.2 here; source, Win32 and Mac OS X (universal) packages are available. Packages for Debian and FreeBSD 6 are expected soon in their native distribution systems.

Relevant link: openMSX website

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Por wolf_

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15-04-2007, 18:42

now, who the F. is Oscar BA-team oO

Por mth

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15-04-2007, 18:56

As always, Wikipedia has the answer. Actually, it has a couple of dozen answers. I'll leave it up to you to pick out the meaning we intended :P

Por Latok

msx guru (3886)

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15-04-2007, 19:58

Oscar Wilde is the only relevant Oscar ^_^

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10031)

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15-04-2007, 20:21

It's prolly this one: "Oscar (1991 film), a remake of the 1967 film, starring Sylvester Stallone"

Every time I see mth on a fair, he reminds me of Stallone Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Por SaebaMSX

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15-04-2007, 20:28

Most famous Oscar is, of course, Oscar Centelles aka zanac2. LOL!

Por diederick76

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15-04-2007, 20:51

Hmmm. It seems to ignore my ~/.openMSX/share/settings.xml file.

Por Manuel

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15-04-2007, 21:08

If you have problems, please come to IRC and tell us about it. If there's no one there: please post on our mailinglist.

If you are happy, please come to IRC and tell us about it. Or post it here Smile

Por Manuel

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15-04-2007, 21:42

OK, one thing we forgot to tell/warn you about: if you have a default machine set up, you'll have to make that setting again for openMSX 0.6.2, because the name of the setting changed from 'machine' to 'default_machine'. See also the new extensive manuals, e.g.

Por AuroraMSX

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15-04-2007, 22:36

Wikipedia missed out on Oscar :P

Por Manuel

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15-04-2007, 22:38

It's a Wiki, add it!

Por tfh

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16-04-2007, 08:23

/me thinks it's Oscar from Sesame Street Smile

Por Manuel

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16-04-2007, 09:07


Por hap

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16-04-2007, 16:42

OSCAR Sounds Cool, Acronyms Rock

Por Chardson

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17-04-2007, 10:24

src/fdc/ In member function ‘openmsx::MSXtar:Big smileirEntry openmsx::MSXtar::findEntryInDir(const std::string&, unsigned int, openmsx::byte*)’:
src/fdc/ warning: ‘result$index’ may be used uninitialized in this function

Got this output when compiling on my openSUSE 10.2, x86_64. But everything is working fine 'till now.

Por Manuel

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17-04-2007, 21:17

Ah, yeah, that's a harmless warning that only occurs on some (older) versions of gcc... But we fixed it in SVN now. Anyway, you don't need to worry about it Smile