The 1st MSX-BASIC Game Contest at Karoshi Corporation Development Boards was opened the 17th January 2006. The contest closed as it was announced in this newspost with a grand total of 13 games submitted to the contest. Now is the time for the jury, the well known developer Albert Beevendorp (BiFi), to reveal his final decision and let everybody know the winner of this very first edition of the contest: it's Marslander, one of Crappysoft's submitted entries. So the prize, an official Karoshi certificate in PDF format that demonstrates their victory in the contest , and an english edition of the book The Complete MSX Programmers Guide by Toshiyuki Sato, Paul Mapstone, Isabella Muriel, will be soon submitted to the winners.

Congratulations to the winners and of course, to all contestants who made the contest possible. Now is time to download all games and keep enjoying them. And if you want to check the full jury's decision and ranking you can check it in this thread.

Relevant link: Karoshi's 1st MSX-BASIC Game Contest results

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Por Ada

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28-02-2006, 22:41

Well, my logic reaction is... errr... HOOORAY! LOL! Just joking, Jon. We promise a good fight in the MSX Dev'06! , and of course thanks to all contestants for their games! Wink

Por viejo_archivero

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01-03-2006, 09:21

Nice to see that number of entries in nearly just a month of contest-time, so: congratulations to all contestants, and of course, to the winners!. I hope to meet a lot of MSX-BASICers @MadriSX!!! Smile