FAST!DiskROM 1.0

por snout en 11-11-2005, 21:34
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Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha, developer of Uzix, has released a fast DiskROM for port-based FDCs called FAST!DiskROM. Although most MSX FDCs are not port-based, many MSX fans in (mainly) South America will enjoy this update, which increases disk read spead until up to 20kB/s on an ordinary 3.5MHz MSX. Ordinary, port-based FDC controllers only reach about 5kB/s, whilst most European/Japanese MSX computers averate about 10kB/s.

FAST!DiskROM supports all standard MSX floppy formats (5 1/4 SS, 5 1/4 DS, 3 1/2 SS, 3 1/2 DS) and is 100% compatible with DOS2 (most brazilian FDCs aren't compatible with DOS2). Further features of FAST!DiskROM are:

  • Floppies formatted with FAST! have a DOS2 boot as default (which also boots SOLXDOS or MSXDOS)
  • Supports up to 4 drives connected to a single interface
  • Connected drives may use any DS# signal (no need to solder PC drives to change their DS# signal anymore)
  • Internal CALL CHKDSK command scans and marks bad clusters on a floppy
  • Formatting options include formatting a disk with interleave 1:1 and 2:1
  • A minimum of 57400 bytes of free memory is available even with 8 drives on one system (this means at least 25400 bytes will be free for MSX-BASIC)
  • On a MSX machine without RTC, a software clock is enabled (time can be changed using the standard MSXDOS command TIME)
  • Fast initialization during MSX boot
  • Supports multiple port-based interfaces when using the DDX3.0 FDC hardware

Apart from its use in emulation, FAST!DiskROM can be used to replace the ROMs of the Microsol (CDX2), DDX 1.0, DDX 1.2, Liftron 2.7, DMX 1.2 and all DDX 3.0 series FDCs. On Adriano's website, FAST!DiskROM can be found in the MSX Software section on the MSX page.

Relevant link: Adriano's website

Comentarios (12)

Por Vampier

Prophet (2412)

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11-11-2005, 21:57

It also works perfectly with C-bios Smile (boot sector disks only)

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

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11-11-2005, 22:02

"Ordinarry" typo

Apart from that, I'm not much of a hardware guru, but can this thing load/save while doing something else? Like playing music or running a program (without hickups ofcoz Tongue) ?

Por Manuel

Ascended (19461)

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11-11-2005, 22:31

My enhanced 8245 diskROM (by Alwin Henseler) got an average of 17kB/s with DOSSCAN. But only when it was formatted on the MSX. PC formatted disks had an interleaving that was just mismatching, meaning that the drive needed an extra rotation, which slowed down the speed to 11 or 12 kB/s.

Por boukichi

Resident (33)

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11-11-2005, 22:45
this is a C-BIOS with FastDROM config for blueMSX,
if you like to try this,replace blueMSX's MSX2 C-BIOS config with this,and put fastdrom_cdx2.eprom to same directory.

Por andete

Expert (97)

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12-11-2005, 04:42

Very neat. What licensing is it available under?

Por boukichi

Resident (33)

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13-11-2005, 10:48

I found a bug.
bdos call 0dh(disk reset) doesn't return 00h,because of this,disc station didn't work.

Por adrcunha

Expert (117)

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16-11-2005, 23:54

Boukichi: thanks for the report. Bug fixed.

Por boukichi

Resident (33)

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17-11-2005, 15:58

you're welcome and thanks for fixed the bug Smile

I'd like to get bug fixed version early Smile

Por adrcunha

Expert (117)

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17-11-2005, 19:41

boukichi: tell adrianoATTHEHOSTuzixDOTorgNOSPAM your e-mail address and you'll get the latest version. Wink

Por boukichi

Resident (33)

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18-11-2005, 22:01

I sent mail to you,could you receive it?

Por alex3331

Supporter (9)

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19-05-2022, 20:41

I am new to this group. I built an Omega MSX2 and now want to build FDC interface for which I need Fast!DiskROM. The link on the page is dead. Does somebody have an image?

Por gdx

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20-05-2022, 09:54

This seems to be here: