Panasonic FS-A1GT for sale in Japan..,

Por kuuno

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23-04-2004, 13:14

For those who have contacts in Japan..
The buyer does not ship internationally...

So.. Anyone that can help me to get this via contacts in Japan?

Babel Fish Translation

Present price: 16,000 Yen remaining hour: 2 days (detailed remaining time) the highest amount bidder: Miyabi_douraku (466) Quantity: 1 bid number of cases: 15 (bid past record) start price: 1,000 Yen bid unit: 500 Yen exhibition area: The Tokyo start day and time: April 18th 16:38 end days and times: April 25th 22:38 auctions ID: 66934486

In English:
Commodity details Panasonic Panasonic FS-A1GT MSXturbo. Used, all-inclusive dynamic item. It is used, but you think that considerably it is little use. Substance other things to be enormous it is clean. Being cut off there is an original box dirtily, but it belongs. The Styrofoam cracks part. The accessory includes the guarantee and is everything. (Going in, it increases the electric battery. You think but) floppy operation verification end that perhaps it has been cut off. Petit petit packing up in the original box, it dispatches.

Payment details The new life bank, or postal transfer (the ぱ る る) being similar, we ask. Only the successful bid amount and the postage shake and are packed and ask. Dispatch details With only ゆ う ぱ っ く original payment is possible. Those which is the box become only petit petit packing. Comment We ask with the no claim no return. Nervousness one modesty. The portable mail modesty. Until transaction completes, please do not throw away the mail. It does not accept the cancellation in the midst of bidding or after the bidding successfully altogether. We have exhibited to in addition to, but please do not see. As for successful bidder Yahoo! Because this message was placed in empty successful bid notification, upper answer of viewing we ask. We ask may.

(I love these tranlations.... ;))

And thanks to the GWK 1600 Yen is 130,75 Eurie.
Anyone here who can arrange this for me?

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Por Jazzy

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23-04-2004, 13:26

remaining hour: 2 days (detailed remaining time)

Por Argon

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23-04-2004, 13:49

Try to contact mr. Ikeda.
I'm not sure about giving the email on this forum, just email me then I'll give you his email.

BUT ! I'm not sure he will be able to help you on this short notice... he always asks for at least 3 days warning.

Hmmz, this might be interesting too:

Por kuuno

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23-04-2004, 14:37

hmmz.. I think I'll pass on this one.. (-snif) out of money (again) but still.. if anyone else that is intrested.. People are also selling nice MSX 2+ machines (Panasonic / Sony) at the Japanese Yahoo Auction... Ow.. and I also found that strange Sany Wavy 35 model. hehe.. anyone want to trade his ST / GT model for a Toshiba music module including Keyboard in (almost the best of it) the original box (mint / good condition..) Wink (last year queensday was a good one for me)
(shame on me.. I really need to fix my Wavy 70FD2)