What is MSX lacking (so far)?

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Por snout

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20-04-2004, 21:18

It seems I'm on a new-thread-roll here. Here's another one. Now think carefully about this one, as the question is easier than it seems: "What is MSX lacking?". I'd like you to see this question in the perception of what is capable on MSX. What do other homecomputers of the 80's era have by now that MSX doesn't? What kind of software is missing on MSX? Tell us what you think about it! Perhaps you can give a few developers some good ideas Wink

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Por Arjan

Paladin (787)

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20-04-2004, 21:36

A *decent* tracker, preferably for all soundchips available Smile

Por Thom

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20-04-2004, 22:45

A proper soccer game.

Por Sama

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20-04-2004, 23:19

A Heroes of Might and Magic 3 like game Big smile

Por Sonic_aka_T

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20-04-2004, 23:27

A *decent* tracker, preferably for all soundchips available Smile
What about SME? Is it no good? I've never tried it, but I guess it was cool to drive 73 soundchips at the same time. I can still remember Andries' funky tunes blaring out of every soundchip I owned. (Which was only 3 by the way Crying)

Por Arjan

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20-04-2004, 23:31

he was probably about the only user who could even use that program Tongue

Por Ivan

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20-04-2004, 23:39

A proper soccer game.

You've got a bull's-eye Smile

In my opinion there aren't good soccer games for MSX (except Konami's Football/Soccer which in my opinion is too "canonical"; a 1985 game for MSX1...).

I can only imagine a good MSX soccer game using the GFX9000 videocard.


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21-04-2004, 00:10

- Notepad (or ted) type of simple text editor with possibility to edit multiple files at a same time. (I know that one for DOS1 was made in Russia, but for 40 column display) Memory mapper & swap memory support for it would be needed as well

- web server & real time audio server software (www.dunkels.com/adam/tfe/software.html)

- Good sample editor

- Fast way to load MSX programs from PC HD (Cartridge - USB link & disk ROM and client ?)

Por wolf_

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21-04-2004, 00:39

More 'serious' drawing-tools..

There are only a few high-end apps and tons of smaller-scale apps. Tho, I'm not the one to tell who should use which program, fact is that AGE and Graphsaurus are the most commonly used tools for demo/game stuff..

2 apps.. some choice..

I do miss a wealth of scrolling platform games like Psycho World. Esp. early-90's gameconsoles had lots of them. And smooth-scrolling sortof forces you to use screen 4, but Psycho World proved it was possible to do that with nice gfx. (not to mention Space Manbow with its outstanding gfx, but that's not a platformgame Smile )

Por anonymous

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21-04-2004, 00:50

MSX already has a web server!

Por Grauw

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21-04-2004, 00:57

Wolf, and what about using screen 5 with either a v9958 for smooth scrolling... And in case people don't have that, support Gfx9000 aswell... Creating a dual engine for that should be peanuts (well, kind of). Screen 5 works pretty much the same, create 2 versions of the set scroll routines, and a special copy command execution routine which translates v9938 to v9990 copy commands.

Or while we're at it, might aswell use screen 10/11 for the graphics then (Gfx9000 also has that mode, so no probs there). Only the sprites might be a bit of a bother... Hardware-sprites, that is.

~Grauw "fan of double engines Smile"

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