Konami carts + svi robot arm for Trade

Por Rouhija

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01-03-2004, 08:52

I have for trade:
Time Pilot (loose cart)
Track&Field II (SONY, loose cart)
Track & Field 1 (boxed)
Comic Bakery (loose cart)
Konami's Tennis (boxed)
Monkey Academy (boxed)
Hyper Sports 1 (boxed)
Hyper Sports 1 (loose cart, jap)
Maze of Galious (loose cart)

SVI-2000 Robot Arm (complete, only good trade)

I'm looking for the following games, offer only complete ones:
Magical Tree
complete HAL games (eggerland 2 for example)
complete Sony games

Offer also these(as if...):
Mah Jong
Frogger (with box will do... Smile
Cabbage patch Kids (with box will do.. Smile
Metal Gear 2

I'm also looking for boxes/manuals (euro versions):

Comic Bakery manual
Sky Jaguar manual
Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 manual
Metal Gear manual
King's Valley II (RC760) box and manual
Green Beret (KN327) box and manual

Sparkie (Sony HBS-G001C) manual
Crazy Train (Sony HBS-G006C) manual
Track & Field II (Sony HBS-G011C) manual
Senjyo (Sony HBS-G016C) box and manual
E.I. (Sony HBS-G017C) box and manual
Lode Runner (Sony HBS-G020C) manual
Super Soccer (Sony HBS-G021C) box and manual
Raid on Bungeling Bay (Sony HBS-G036C) manual
Cosmo-Explorer (Sony HBS-G037C) box and manual

Music editor 'Mue' (HAL HM-011) manual
Mr. Chin (HAL HM-012) manual
Hole in One (HAL HM-016) manual

I will give multiple loose games for complete ones

Email offers to---> rouhija@hotmail.com

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