EGG releases 13th lineup of retro-software

por Bart en 10-01-2003, 22:47
Tema: MSX Revival

The 13th lineup of retro software is being sold by EGG. Game titles from PC-88, PC-8901 and of course MSX are available for Windows PC's. This time the MSX titles are (amongst others) Afterdark MSX2 , Xak - Rising of The Redmoon (also MSX2+), Palamedes and MSX dB-SOFT. Unfortunately, only Japanese users can order games at EGG.

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Por DarQ

Paragon (1038)

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11-01-2003, 22:14

Typical: "Unfortunately, only Japanese users can order games at EGG."

And guess what? If we wanna play them, (if we get them in the first place) the game probably will be japanese.

I had patched XAK 2 already to english, do i really need to patch it again???