Pochitto-Nyah released by Compile

por Sander en 25-10-2002, 18:04
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After some months of silence, well known game maker Compile has released a new puzzle game called Pochitto-Nyah. The game looks like it's a new Puyo Puyo type of game. The main difference with Puyo Puyo is that you have more control over the moment blocks with the same colors disappear after placing the new ones. The game is currently released by Taito for their Naomi hardware based arcade machines. The game will be released for Playstation 2 next month.

Japanese homepage:http://www.compile.co.jp/game/arcade/pochinya/index.html
You can view the game in action by this Windows media movie: http://www.compile.co.jp/game/arcade/pochinya/eve/movie/wmv/demo1.wmv
A preview article in English about this game can be read here: http://ps2.ign.com/articles/366/366768p1.html


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Por Hally

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26-10-2002, 15:31

well, actually the title should be called "Pochitto-Nyah". But Sander is not bad, this is funny japanese Wink

Por Sander

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26-10-2002, 22:50

Well, google came up with this title. But I've changed it, thanks Hally!

Por chaos

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27-10-2002, 16:29

compile rules! Smile