MSX games for sale on eBay

Por Argon

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11-02-2004, 15:16

I have some MSX cartridge games for sale on eBay.

All at starting price of 1 euro.


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Por djh1697

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11-02-2004, 17:51

I have some MSX cassette games for sale on ebay, they are in packs of seven

Starting prices are either one or two UK pounds, with carriage on top.

Thanks for looking :)

Por anonymous

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11-02-2004, 19:20

djh1697, from your ebay page:
"I will start at the sum of £1, I except Paypal, £'s, cheques and postal orders in UK pounds."

I suppose you ACCEPT them, not EXCEPT. Because otherwise that would mean it's gonna be hard to pay you Tongue

Por djh1697

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11-02-2004, 23:01

You spot the other spelling mistake either? 3D Gold Simulator should read 3D golf simulator