What MSX game have you spent the most time with?

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Por Manuel

Ascended (19302)

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15-09-2021, 22:19

Maze of Galious! We borrowed it from friends in about 1988 and I played it with my brother and sister and friends for a very long time Smile Later, when we had an MSX2, I also played several other games for longer periods of time, mostly RPG's, to finish them (like Ys series, Xak series, Dragon Slayer VI). And yeah, Aleste 2 and Space Manbow also got quite some attention.

Por spanjed

Resident (33)

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17-05-2022, 18:54

Sorry for reviving an old topic but hey it's still open Cool

By far the most time i have spent with a game is with SD Snatcher.
With no scc cartridge and the Japanase version it was a blast to play and finish the game.

Later i played it again with the scc cartridge and the english version Smile

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1427)

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17-05-2022, 23:27

cassette version since that one had more secret missions

Por jsepl

Supporter (16)

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18-05-2022, 02:03

Salamander and The Maze of Galious!!!!! And Penguin Adventure also lies in my heart.

Por Micha

Expert (98)

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18-05-2022, 08:44

Zanac, Green Beret, Hyper sports 3, Lazy Jones, Konami Soccer, Knightmare are games that I played a lot, but I "wasted" the most time by playing Konami Tennis. I remembered watching grand slam tennis matches (Lendl, Edberg, Becker, Agassi) and playing Konami Tennis at the same time. Because I had only one TV in my room, I constantly had to switch channels...

Por tfh

Prophet (3317)

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18-05-2022, 09:34

When our first MSX entered the house, it came with the following games which my stephfather bought with it:

* North Sea Helicopter
* Oh Shit!
* Finder Keepers

Never played them that much. Especially North Sea Helicopter sucked big time. At school a friend gave me a tape with Zanac, Boulder Dash & Yie Ar Kung Fu 2. So I played these a real lot. And later on I saved up all my pocketmoney and bought Nemesis 2. Countless of hours went into that one Smile

Por mcolom

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18-05-2022, 11:36

In my case I played these a lot: Booga-boo, Arkanoid, Bestial Warrior, Bounder, Grog's Revenge, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Mad Mix Game 1 & 2, People from Sirius, Rally-X, Spirits, and Survivor. From the list of 40 games I had.
I also had Pentagram, Timebomb, and Space Rescue, but their tape never worked, ouch.
Unlike most of you, I didn't played Konami games, expect Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles on tape.

Por aoineko

Paladin (892)

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18-05-2022, 12:44

I think it's either Dragon Slayer 4 or 6, The Maze of Galious, or King's Valley 2.
It's especially the games that I replayed the most times.
With SD Snatcher too.

Por rotops

Supporter (8)

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02-02-2023, 13:30

I'm not sure if this is right but since La-Mulana literally has the MSX logo appearing, is it alright if I can say that is the one game I spent the most time with?

Other than that, Treasure of Usas is another one that I really like.

Por mtini

Expert (125)

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03-02-2023, 04:43

Elite for sure and Nenesis.

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