For sale or trade: MSX Turbo R ST

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Por Argon

Paragon (1119)

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05-01-2004, 14:02

Still, it's an ST, not a GT. With the extensions, I would say it should cost between 200-300 euro or something.

Of course Smile
But I don't think most users would even notice the difference Tongue


Por ro

Scribe (4418)

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05-01-2004, 14:18

Since the ST is updated the only (interresting) difference might be the MIDI stuff.. but still. A ST with 512 and a 2nd drive, IMO, is ATLEAST equal to a GT
I'd pay 300 max.

Por RamonMSX

Expert (125)

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05-01-2004, 16:15

Erm.... let's get some things right:
First; It has a CONNECTER for a second diskdrive, the second drive itself is NOT included.
Second; It comes WITHOUT MANUALS but WITH BOX and 2 DISKS.

I am currently negotiating with some potential buyers, who are willing to pay 250 euro's for it.

So if you are interested, you have to be quickly and bid more than 250 euro.
React via email at:


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