MSX Voice Editor/librarian for Yamaha DX7/TX7/TF1/TX816 (YRM304)

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28-11-2003, 23:19

Hi MSX friends,

I am offering a brand new MSX YRM304 Voice Editor/librarian for Yamaha DX7/TX7/TF1/TX816 on EBay at:
<A HREF="http://" TARGET="_blank"> </A>" rel="external"></b></A>

The YRM-304 is the upgraded software version of the YRM-103 DX7 Voicing Program for Yamaha CX5M and also for the CXII/128. It is fully mouse and disk compatible.
Comes in its original box with its original manual and function key card both in mint conditions.
Allows for easy and direct editing of all TX/DX Tone Generators parameters.
Functions parameters can be stored independently for each voice.
Voice data and voice lists can be printed out.

I am from Canada and I can ship anywhere in the world.

I own several CX5M/CX128 systems and still use them in our recording studios.
I founded a MSX user group in Montreal,Quebec several years ago called the MIDI-MSX Club.
MSX computers introduced me to the art of programming (MSX basic and also assembling).

See you on the auction maybe.

God bless you all!


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