MSX 2 and Japanese Software Wanted


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05-11-2003, 20:42

Before I commit myself to importing a machine from Japan, might as well try here, get one in Europe. Big smile

Wanted a MSX 2+ with inbuilt floppy disc drive and FM-PAC built in. Smile

Will consider MSX2+ or MSX 2 with a inbuilt floppy too. Smile

Also after complete Japanese games software, especially the Compile Disc Stations, Puyo Puyo, Madoh Monogatari, Kimagure Orange Road and any Hentai games. Smile

Real pile of cash waiting. Smile

Email or reply with any offers. Wink

Also after a Sharp X1 and NEC PC-8801 but this is probably the wrong place to ask about them... Smile

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Por anonymous

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05-11-2003, 20:59


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05-11-2003, 21:06

Not interested in Ebay auctions, too much hassle and I have no desire to inflate prices of things.

If anyone wants to sell one outright then let me know. Smile


Por Zoopster

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11-11-2003, 23:27


I have a selection of MSX 2's for sale at the moment with some cartridge and lots of disk based titles. The complete list of systems I currently have for sale can be found at:

Its not listed but I have a boxed Sony HB-F700 MSX 2 for sale. Its a great system with 256k RAM and MSX DOS 2. Let me know if you're interested and we can discuss pricing.



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21-11-2003, 20:24

Sent you an email still waiting for a reply...

Come on people, surely someone can sell me a reasonable priced MSX 2/2+ with a floppy drive without quoting silly money. Euros just waiting here to be spent. Smile

Por Bart

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21-11-2003, 21:06

I can arrange a NMS8250 for you. Very good shape, 100% original. It's no 2+ and it hasn't fmpac and stuff builtin. Just reply if you're interested.


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23-11-2003, 03:42

Does your email address work? If not then reply with an email address and I'll send you an email. :D