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Por dioniso

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23-10-2011, 14:06


Just for curiosity. Is there a way to delete my membership? I was looking around and I couldn't find it. Probably it could be done just writing to one of the administrators.


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Por wolf_

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23-10-2011, 14:09

More interesting - at least to us - would be: why?

Por dioniso

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23-10-2011, 14:29

Hahaha. Well, _Wolf. It's nice you ask. I really like your work here, this is the place to be (or should be).

The thing is I don't feel so comfortable getting in here and reading the comments many people say. I mean, I understand people say things I like, things I don't like and I have to live with that. It is the way they act in this forum; I really find it too much. I can't tell you what you have to do or not, I respect the way you do it; but I would do it in a different way. There some trolls (people who just feel free jumping around, saying nonsenses, insulting people, calling names, ridiculing people's work, and a long "etc.") who are still there, when I think some of these people have earned a ban -several times.

I could just come here and avoid reading it. Maybe some would say "that would come from a mature person; leaving, from a child", but I know these trolls are still here.

I don't feel like belonging to this community anymore. I know no one is perfect, we all have our thoughts, opinions, etc ... But I can't stand these trolls any longer, really. I don't belong here. And since I can choose, I choose to let these trolls laughing at every one here, but without me. They will -very probably- leave some of their comments here as well.

Well, I think that's it. I could write much longer but it would be the same, I guess.

It's not that I'm leaving the MSX, just this forum. I will keep play on my MSX and so on.

Por hap

Paragon (2043)

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23-10-2011, 14:38

I agree with you about misbehaving members and moderators being way too soft on them.

Anyway, just press the "Log out" link and remove browser cookies and autocomplete stuff for this site. Maybe you'll change your mind later this year and want to come back. Smile

Por dioniso

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23-10-2011, 14:39


Por hap

Paragon (2043)

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23-10-2011, 14:46

Also, I'm pretty certain that some of our trolls or semi-trolls will react here and call you a whiner and such.
If you're man enough, just ignore and don't react to them. It would turn this thread into another drama party. oO

*edit* oh, you did already foresee that yourself =p

Por JohnHassink

Ambassador (5684)

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23-10-2011, 14:51

I understand your sentiment dioniso.
The problem is two-fold I think.
(1) If we are going to allow everything, we get a bad atmosphere
(2) if we are not going to allow everything, certain people will start screaming about censorship and World War II comparisons

For some people it's never good enough, no matter what you do.
Even those who will come at your event, collect free Konami goodies, get free drinks, free food and a stage provided to present their own product, all the while behaving as the sweetest guy that's ever been, will take less than a week to turn around and stab you in the back when sitting in front of a screen again.
No one said that dealing with insane cowards would be easy. Smile

Keep on MSX-ing dioniso. Maybe we'll have to revise our moderation policy with the launch of the new site.

Por Lazzeri

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23-10-2011, 14:55


Haters ate gonna hate. That is the only single thing some people are able to do in their spare time.

DON'T ler them get under your skin; they are childish attention whores. Everytime they hit someone's nerves they laught loud inside their little caves. Don't gave them that. Wink

Por Pac

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23-10-2011, 17:23

Dionisio we can't evade from the society (full of trolls daily) however we are here. MSX scene is the same and it's a pitty that could be affected due to them. This our hobby and we have to fight for it. BTW, yesterday I bought a MIDI module for the MSX and I refuse put it inside a box Tongue.

Por tfh

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23-10-2011, 17:35

Hap gave some good advice. Sometimes it's best just to leave things as they are and maybe is not the place to be for you at the moment. But why delete your account? What if your feelings change and you want to come back after a certain period? Just leave for what it is. And hopefully return in the future :)

Por Huey

Prophet (2696)

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23-10-2011, 20:37

I hope MRC2k11 has an ignore option to just not display posts from certain members.... Just let the original message be replaced with 'TROLOLOLOL" or something like that

The trolling is indeed something that is discouraging for me too. For at least the last year.

Keep Doniso ban the trollers.

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