What would have become of you when MSX was never invented?

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Por flyguille

Prophet (3028)

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26-01-2011, 23:39

sure, I will end up with a AMIGA or COMMODORE, but, years later, delaying all my computer experience.

Por Daemos

Paragon (1952)

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27-01-2011, 00:23

You got a point there. I forgot about those two and some more machines that basicly also came up with the same degree of freedom. Man o man. What did I miss. I was born 3 years too late Wink I pitty some of my friends born even 6 years later. They missed even more of the fun.

Por Kandahar

Expert (85)

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27-01-2011, 00:28

I would have bought a ZX Spectrum (which was my first choice) and later on would have ended up with a PC, so, no great change at the end. I always think that despite the good times spent on my MSX I've lost a lot of time, money and experiences outdoors all these years. Nonetheless I keep a good memory of the time gone.

Por Hydragon

Paladin (716)

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27-01-2011, 00:33

Never been able to meet good friends and foreign visitors who love this system!
MSX is kinda an addition to our social network! Evil

Por Metalion

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27-01-2011, 08:59

I would have went ahead and bought a Commodore C64, because that's what I wanted before hearing about the MSX and falling for it, in the spring of 1984. Which, in turn, would surely have brought me later to the Amiga.

But apart from that, it would not have changed my life very much.

Por MäSäXi

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27-01-2011, 12:30

I never find my wife and now we 2 beatifull daughters

Something like that became to my mind, before I started to read the answers, that such thing could be the thing that some people may point out. It was nice to read that I was right! Big smile

Could you please describe how ***COMPUTER*** changed your life such way that? Most women in the past were not into computers too much! Smile2 Tongue I can imagine that someone may have met his wife in a some department store (which had computers back then) while looking some computer stuff or maybe at some computer course on school? Thought it is hard for me to imagine MSX as used in schools, even there are countries where that may have happened (outside of russia too).

What scares me most of this idea is the fact that if the MSX wasn't invented most propably the PC wouldn't be invented as well and thus my life would truly be meaningless anyway.

Not so. The IBM PC development effort was begun in 1980 as a response to the success of the Apple II, and it was released in 1981 - the MSX wasn't released until 1983.

These are my thoughts, but.... why japanese computer standard which was killed in early development stage or never even thought of, why such thing could had affected on THE LEADING BRAND OF THE AMERICAN COMPUTERS, THE BIG BIG IBM? If they had plans for micro-computer, why should they have cared if there wasn´t any japanese MSX, or whatever it could have been called of, standard? I think it that it wouldn´t have mattered even if IBM had published it´s IBM PC in late ´82 or early ´83, as before they published it, why the BIG BLUE would had cared about some japanese TOY? (compared to THEIR trustable and well known *******IBM******* computer) As if IBM had published their computer in the same time as MSX was published, IBM´s computer already had 64KB RAM and disk drives AND IT WAS BUILT BY ******IBM******. Enough said, me thinks. Smile

My dad would have bought a C64 in 1986 instead of an MSX2, I would have completed my school 2 years earlier
So, did your MSX2 made you so damn lazy that you had to stay in school two years more? Tongue Maybe not... I guess MSX2 made you want to have some computer courses? Smile But if it is so, how can you be sure, that C=64 couldn´t have forced you to programming and to the very same situation?

Never been able to meet good friends and foreign visitors who love this system!
MSX is kinda an addition to our social network!
I think that most/at least some of you would had became oldies computers lovers any way. Smile And surely those people who are writing or lurking around this forum, would had done the same with some other (at least as popular) computer brand. Smile You just would write or lurk around some other computer brand forum now. Smile People who played games back then in the eighties but games and computers were not THAT IMPORTANT to them, they would not visit computer forums today. It doesn´t matter too much, what computer brand you had back then, if you were really interested about computers and computer games, you would write or lurk around some computer forum today, the same way you do now at here. Smile I understand that there is one thing, those who got MSX(1), may have been mocked of having shit computer (when compared to mighty C=64), that may be some conjuctive thing, the thing which gave and still gives us the "Yeah, but that´s OUR computer AND WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!" feel. Smile I don´t know, if those who got MSX2 as their first computer, if they can feel the same, but I know that you will understand what I mean anyway. If we had some C64 instead of MSX, we would have been in some "elite class", I mean we had´t been mocked of having "not good enough" computer or something like that.

Ok, here´s my answer now.... Smile

If MSX was never invented?

I got my MSX in ´87, so first I will answer like it really was, if MSX was not invented.

I started to dream about MSX in ´85, so I guess I would have dreamed of some other computer instead, surely I did dream about neat and really neat looking Spectravideo´s computers!!!!!!!! Smile But as they (sadlyCrying) were mostly forgotten old stuff in ´87, I wouldn´t have thought them nothing else than a warm memory and pitied the last Spectravideos which still were sold (or at least tried to sell them) in Finland. I remember I liked Very Much the Cool look of Amstrad CPC 464!!!! Smile Commodore Amiga and Atari ST looked fantastic, but they were too expensive, so I guess that in ´87 I might have been thinking of Amstrad (?) but the MOST interesting computer surely would have been Commodore 64, as it had hundreds of (copied) games. As programming was THE THING to me, it is possible, that I may have thought about Amstrad´s better BASIC, but as Amstrad didn´t have sprites.... I don´t know.... C=64 had sprites, but it also had hard-to-use-BASIC (no graphics and no sound commandsSad) Okay, I guess I would have got C=64 and do whatever I can and whatever I could learn to do with it. Smile

Second, (just imaginary), that if I would have got my first computer years earlier, then I would say ... that in 1983-84 I would have got Sinclair ZX Spectrum, that was my Favourite Computer!!!! Smile And in -84 to -85 I would had want to have Spectravideo!!!! Smile

Por MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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27-01-2011, 12:51

One thing to remember for those who are answering to this topic:

Please remember, that if MSX was never invented, it would have affected to the sales of other existing or soon to be published computers.

Like Sega SC-3000, today we know, that Sega faded away because of waiting of and popularity of MSX standard, even the MSX was about the same what Sega offered already. (except Sega offered one white noise channel more, ok, I don´t know about Sega´s BASIC languages, except that they had several optional (differently priced) BASICs to choose)

If MSX had never existed, maybe Sega SC-3000 would have been really popular in Japan and soon popular in Europe too? Smile

Same may apply to several other computer brands. Maybe they could have had just a little success, but some sort of a success anyway. Smile

Of course, if MSX wouldn´t have existed, the leading (highest selling) computer brands would have sold even more computers, Sinclair, Commodore, Atari, Amstrad........

I mean, that please think about those not-that-popular-brands too, when answering. Smile

Por Daemos

Paragon (1952)

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27-01-2011, 12:58

The more I think about it the more I ask myself what would have happened indeed. I sometimes talk about such subjects with my friends. Something like: "what if you had machine that can recalculate your timeline by changing a variable at will so you can see what happens to you". And sometimes I think it just would not matter. If I would not meet my wife for instance I propably would have met someone else or (if we believe in destiny) met her anyway but a few years later.

Sometimes we are so fond of something we like to believe that it played a very important role in our development and sometimes it actually does but then again it cannot be proved no matter how hard we think back.

I was kicked out of the door on sunny days like today just to keep me of that "darn" computer and if that didn't happen I propably would have still been te same. Everyone I know just came into my life. So I even wonder how many people I really met thnx to the computer. Maybe one person but then again we allready knew each other.

So indeed. The longer I read the awnsers on this post and the longer I think about this subject the closer I come to the point to change my mind and say "it actually didn't matter, but I do have a fond memory of that grey box I still use today for my pleasure" and if it wasn't that MSX, it would have been something else not necessarily a computer. It could have been anything. The fact that this machine is imprinted into my childhood memory makes me believe that it is mostly important, (even sometimes believing that the PC was invented later and thinking that only those two machines exsisted) but the truth is: We are all just a bunch of seratonine junkies that love to relive the good old days.

And because I am a addict that will not stop taking in that wonderfull chemical I still say: "MSX for LIFE!!, I couldn't have made my life without it!!" even knowing that I am lying to myself and all of you right now Hannibal

Por snout

Ascended (15184)

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27-01-2011, 13:11

Hmz, lets see...

- I would not have developed an interest in creating music and software for MSX (and later on other computers) myself and would have remained 'just' a gamer. A mediocre gamer at best.
- I would not have met dozens of people, a handful of which I consider my (close) friends. (I would not have lost some friends either, though...)
- I would not have learned so much about trade and marketing, content management, creative writing and all the things that make MRC tick.
- I would not have gone flat out on my face in front of the entire MSX community in an attempt to get the 'commercial' MSX Revival to break through the Japanese borders. Tongue

and probably lots, lots more...

Por Sarcasmic

Master (149)

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27-01-2011, 15:20

interesting story's Big smile

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