6 unreleased Konami games?? any infos?

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Por laurentdz

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24-01-2011, 18:02

I saw somewhere about 6 unreleased Konami games
do you have a link?
more infos?
are the roms released?


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Por Metalion

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24-01-2011, 20:34

There is only 5 that we know of :

RC708 - Action Boat
RC709 - Spelling Bee
RC722 - Pinball
RC756 - Breakshot
RC763 - Tentochito


And no, there is no ROMs.

Por Manuel

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24-01-2011, 20:37

All info that is known (to me) is on Generation MSX.


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24-01-2011, 22:54

... and then there is Konami Keyboard Master, but that is not a game. It is educational software.

Por MsxKun

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24-01-2011, 23:03

@Metalion: At that pic.. I see RC715 Jolly Hopper

Por Metalion

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25-01-2011, 08:28

@Metalion: At that pic.. I see RC715 Jolly Hopper
RC715 is Hyper Sports 1 ...
Jolly Hopper was probably the game's project name, or perhaps the marketing guys had to think of something for that ad !

Por MäSäXi

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25-01-2011, 09:14

Sorry off-topic, but looking at the same link, Toshiba HX-10D advertisement, what game cartridge is shown there? It looks a bit familiar, I guess it´s some of those ninja theme games..... And what´s the difference between HX-10 and HX-10D? My Toshiba didn´t have any "D", is that for japanese model?

Por Vincent van Dam

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25-01-2011, 11:15

The cartridge in the HX-10D advertisement is Pyramid Warp.

Por MäSäXi

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25-01-2011, 14:33

thank you, that makes sense, since it´s licenced by Toshiba. Smile

Por msxgamesbox

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25-01-2011, 15:44


# Action Boat (RC708)
# Spelling Bee (RC709)
# Keyboard Master (RC719)
# Konami Pinball (RC722)
# Break Shot (RC756)
# Tentochito (RC763)
# Lost Warld
# Jolly Hopper

Por MäSäXi

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26-01-2011, 13:06

JAILBREAK is missing too, by the way...... Wink

http://www.konamito.com/%C2%BFexistio-jail-break-para-msx/ (spanish)

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