change panasonic turbo r gt power supply

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Por Gradius2

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14-09-2010, 05:28

See this page:

There you can find the Service Manual with all info you need

Wrong! S.M. doesn't mention anything about the transformer itself, only the rectifiers and up, but nothing about the transformer, this is why I opened that (old) topic in first place.

About 110V and 220V: 220 / sqr(3)= 127V

This is why we have 127V and 220V here on Brazil.

Por daniel683104

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21-09-2010, 08:57

I fanally got the transformer rewired by a shop here in Spain he total cost was 40 euro and put it back on the turbo R was easy since it´s no change on the computer. It works great and by the moment no heating at all. The good part is that when I went to the shop no data was need to say since the got the watts and voltage from the number of turns and the thickness of the wire. so i just measure the values before turn it on to check that they were into parameters and no problems. Thank you

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