Games and a very good computer for sale, not Ebay

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Por journey

Hero (555)

Imagen del journey

23-09-2010, 08:44


Yie Ar Kung Fu complete 25€

i'm waiting for your paypal account for make the payment

thank you

Por Warchild

Paragon (1297)

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26-09-2010, 21:40

Sorry journey, you have an email.

SD Snatcher: Sold

Por tcruise

Master (133)

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13-10-2010, 02:30

The computer, Salamader and King Kong 2 are sold.

Thank you Smile

Arrived today and works perfectly - thank you!
Have been finally able to read all Electric Adventures disks, including source code and all titles. Look forward to transferring them over to the PC and getting them uploaded to the web site for more people to enjoy.

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