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22-04-2021, 21:29

AxelStone wrote:
wolf_ wrote:

The MSX-scene didn't quite have the "show, don't tell"-vibe.

Totally agree, the MSX demos are quite slow compared to other scenes. If we see one of our "holy grails" like Unknown Reality, it's really slow and boring to see (at least for me) with so many interruptions and so much text. A demo needs to be a non-stop effects show.

We put in lots of text in UR just to get though loading times. And when the loading was finished, we need to extend the effect some longer just to make the loading worthwhile. That made it feel slow, but we aimed to effects the have the duration of the music. So lots of fillers. This is a big difference compared to Amiga demos, most of them had just 1 music track and were a lot shorter (and felt quicker). We could have done that too, but we had too many tracks to fit in.

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