How long was your first MSX with you?

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Por Micha

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21-01-2022, 15:11

I got my first MSX, a Sanyo MPC-100 somewhere in 1985. I kept it until probably 1988 when I sold it and bought a Philips NMS8245.
Two years later I sold the Philips (for fl. 400,-) and bought a second handed Commodore PC-1 for fl. 1000,- because all my friends at school were playing Larry and Space Quest... What the #$%^&$ was I doing ?!?!

Por sdsnatcher73

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21-01-2022, 16:31

My first MSX like many in the Netherlands was a Philips VG8020, I traded up from an Aquarius. I enjoyed the VG8020 tremendously and remember going to a friend who had an HX-10. A year or two after I got the NMS8220 and at some point added the VY-0010 disk drive. I went to the PTC club every month with my MSX Smile When double sided disk drives became the norm I got an NMS8245 which was with me for some 2 years, by which time I got a Sony HB-F1XV through Bas from Stichting Sunrise. When the FS-A1ST came out I sold the XV and ordered the ST, what a great MSX. I sold it when I started my bachelor studies (in 1993) and in 2018 I got another ST (I did already own an OCM and used that but the ST was just more MSX than the OCM). I will never sell the ST again (my kids can sell it Wink)

Por ericb59

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21-01-2022, 17:37

I got my first computer at Christmas 1984, it was a Sanyo PHC-28S. I went for a Commodore 64, which at the time seemed the best choice. But I fell in love with the very professional look of the Sanyo!
12 or 18 months later it broke down, so I bought a CANON V20 at a bargain price. It was already the end of MSX in stores.
In 1987 I switched to the MSX2 Philips 8235, and its single-sided floppy-drive. I quickly sold it and I took a Philips 8250 with its color monitor... I kept it until the end of 1988 beginning of 1989, I sold it to be able to buy an Amiga 500.

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