How long was your first MSX with you?

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Por smart duck

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20-01-2022, 14:32

My first MSX was a Philips VG8235 in 1987.
It was with me for 5 years.

Por hamlet

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20-01-2022, 15:06

1987, the time I decided to buy a MSX2, I was teased by a graphic demo on the HBF700 which I saw in a store in my hometown.
I wanted that machine so bad.
Unfortunally, I couldn't afford both; the Sony and a Monitor. So I had to stuck on my old color TV and bought the Philips 8235 (which still had that HF connector and matched my TV set).

The Sony didn't get out of my mind and I was able to buy a used one in 1989 (this one came with an HB75 a a bonus), together with a faboulous 14"Trinitron TV.
For that, I had to sell the Philips together with my MusicModule to an friend of mine.
But this was the story of my second MSX. :)

Por Pencioner

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20-01-2022, 16:46

Nice photo, Ham Smile

What's the device at the bottom left corner btw?

Por meits

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20-01-2022, 17:23

That's a remote control for a television. If not, please spank me Tongue

My first MSX was with me from 1986 to 1992.

Por konamiman

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20-01-2022, 19:10

My first computer was a Canon V-20, I got it on the christmas of 1985. I sent it to LASP (the infamous Spanish importer) in 1991 in exchange for a discount when buying a Sanyo Wavy 70FD from him. I switched to the Turbo-R I still have in 1997.


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20-01-2022, 21:48

My first computer was a MSX Sony HB-101P, it arrived in June '84, my parents wanted to give me a Spectrum for Christmas '83 for economic reasons Shocked! , I didn't want to because I was betting on the MSX, I negotiated that the difference in price would come from me I worked, I sold everything I could: the bicycle, my entire collection of Marvel comics and other publishers, I did jobs for people in the neighborhood, etc... my sister gave me the Philips monitor BM-7752 green cathode ray for Christmas '84 Smile .
In the year `95 I bought a used MSX2 Sony HB-F700s, and to this day they are with me.

Por hamlet

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21-01-2022, 08:51

Meits wrote:

That's a remote control for a television. If not, please spank me Tongue

If you are talking about my Philips electric shaver, I come to spank you!

Por jltursan

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21-01-2022, 09:09

January 85 here, a mindblowing Sony HB-75P that I've been waiting for months since I since I saw my first real MSX in shops, the HB-55P in summer 84. Working and still with me of course Smile

Por ro

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21-01-2022, 09:55

I THINK it was somewhere in 1985 or so, that I got my VG8935 handmedown. Didn't stay long, I needed a double sided drive badly. Sony HBF-700D was my next and stayed a few years until I got my ST. That one still lives here under the same roof.

That moment that your first MSX was a resident, man.... couldn't believe I got one Smile

Por Pencioner

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21-01-2022, 11:37

My first MSX-ing was in lyceum where i had a study, 1991-1992 (then they replaced our shiny YIS-503II and YIS-805 computers with some IBM crap Tongue i was angry so to say). Thus i didn't have my own MSX, i had only the love to MSX and a lot of nostalgy, until i realized back in 2012-2013 that it is still alive and have active users (thanks MRC). Since then i had quite a few computers, my favs are Sany Wavy PHC-35 (my main computer now) and Yamaha YIS-805 (would be happy to acquire one some day)

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