How long was your first MSX with you?

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Por Sebbeug

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17-01-2022, 21:51

My first one was a PHC-28s ..i was about 10 years old....probably in 1985.
I sold it for an Atari 520 STF few years after.
My last MSX bought was King's Valley 2, a few month before selling all my MSX stuff.
In 2005, i bought again a PHC-28s, then some MSX2, MSX2+ and turbo-R...

Por tingis53

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17-01-2022, 22:03

My firsl msx was a Spectravideo 728 wich was sold two years later to buy a philips nms 8220 , sold to buy a philips nms 8250 wigh is still with me. Several years ago I bought a nms 8020 Wich I still have.

Por jepmsx

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18-01-2022, 12:06

My first computer was a Sony HitBit 75P. It would be around year 1984 I played a lot with it, loving Konami Games and hating the Spectravideo ports.

Reading the MSX magazines I longed for MSX2, later and MSX2+ and finally I desired Turbo-R. After some pleading I convinced my father to buy a Turbo-R and we bought it from LASP. May be it was around 1992.

After some time using the Turbo-R I symbolically sold my HitBit to a friend with old the tapes, they were useless with Turbo-R.

When I started the University I used a pentium and my videogame palying decreased (PC games were awful at that time compared to my MSX2 games, I didn't like how they looked pixelized in the VGA monitor).

Time passed and I used emulation to play with my MSX games and read MRC to follow the news. My Turbo-R was left in my parents' house, I was afraid that my children would break it (now I regret it). This summer I decided to use it again, I've bought a Carnivore 2 to be able to use files from the PC to MSX and I've started to tinker using Fusion-C, thus having the advantages of processing and file managing of a modern computer.

Por Poltergeist

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18-01-2022, 12:27

My first MSX was the VG-8235 from Philips, in 1986. It was given away in 2017.

Por DamnedAngel

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18-01-2022, 13:59

I have my Hotbit since 1986. 36 years now.

Por thegeps

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18-01-2022, 18:05

My Philips VG8020 is still with me since 1986 (even if not working). I have 2 more VG8020 (one bought in 1990 to replace the broken one and one bought 3 or 4 years ago for 30€ (just in case). After the MSX I had an Amiga500+ (before the MSX I had a Commodore Vic20) and 3 or 4 years ago I bought my Philips VG8235 MSX2 (the MSX2 was my dream machine before the Amiga, but never managed to find one here).
Whishing to buy a TurboR but maybe a new MSX3 will be less expensive LoL

Por raymond

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18-01-2022, 19:45

I started with a VG8020 with an external single sided diskdrive VY-0010, it was around 1986. And after a couple of years sold it to buy a NMS8280 which has been sold as well to buy a brand new Turbo R. I did manage to get a VG8020 with VY-0010 and NMS8280 back in my collection for nostalgic purposes Big smile I have 2 MSX-machines in use now, my Turbo R and an MSXVR.

Por Pac

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18-01-2022, 19:54

A Philips NMS 8220 but I don't remember when we bought it, probably 1987 or so. I still own this MSX2 and it works but it's not in very good condition after have passed through the hands of 4 brothers playing without a break. Of course, Track & Field didn't help either... LOL!

Por AnsiStar

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18-01-2022, 20:38

I bought my Hit Bit in January 86. My VG 8235 in 87 or 88. I still have them. That is the reason why i still love cartridges! Wink

Por albs_br

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19-01-2022, 15:52

My only MSX back then was a Gradiente Expert, bought from second hand in 92, after the commercial cycle of machine ended in Brazil.
Later I put my hands on a 5 1/4 Disk drive, an Assembler cartridge and some programming books. Such a great time. My profession was defined that time.
I used the machine until got my first PC in the last month of 95.

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