external floppy diske drive to format floppy disk and write games

Por anonymous

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26-10-2019, 12:18

I've bought a MSX 2 (8250) and an external floppy disk drive from Freecom

Now I want to format a floppy disk (I've got HD floppy disks) to be able to write downloaded MSX games.

Can anyone please explain me how to do both ?

René (The Netherlands)

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Por marcoo

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26-10-2019, 12:57

Is the drive capable of writing 720kb floppies, and not only 1.44mb if that is the case then
close de second hole on the other side from the write protect clip with adhesive tape to enable writing only in 720kb mode with the usb drive.
Then use Disk-manager to write *.DSK images to the external floppy drive on pc

Por hamlet

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26-10-2019, 13:00

HD disks are not the first choice. They will quickly cause reading errors.
DD disks will work much better. These are still available.
Well, format a floppy disk in the MSX drive and see if it is recognized on the PC with the external drive.
If it is not readable, you will have to replace your drive (and preferably the HD floppy disks right away).

Por Pencioner

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26-10-2019, 17:44

hamlet wrote:

HD disks are not the first choice. They will quickly cause reading errors.

That's not because of HD is worse than DD. Actually first HD disks were preferable for reliability even if you format as DD. This is because of modern HD floppies are mainly of suspicious quality...